Project Inspiration

7 Trim & Moulding Ideas to Inspire Your Remodel

Whether you’re making a simple upgrade or undertaking a larger remodeling project, applying trim and moulding is a great way to get creative and express your style.

10 Beautiful Gray Homes to Inspire Your Next Remodel

From soft stone to dark graphite to this year’s mid-tone blue gray Color Trend of the Year, Slatescape, you can’t go wrong using this classic neutral on your home exterior. If you’re looking to make an upgrade this fall or next spring, gray works amazingly well with a number of architectural designs and truly stands the test of time. You’ll never regret going gray.

Boost Your Curb Appeal with Standout Siding & Trim

Ready to turn your home’s curb appeal up to 11? Put the dynamic duo of siding and trim to work. The right pairing can bring out the best in a variety of home styles, from Colonial to Craftsman.

Shutters 101: Navigating Through the Wide-Open Design Possibilities

When well-matched to your home, shutters are the ultimate finishing touch to your exterior. They have the potential to play beautifully against everything from windows and siding to architectural style and surrounding landscaping.

The 6 Best Houseplants for Beginners

With the green home trend seemingly here to stay, many interior design enthusiasts are presented with a bit of an issue. Since plants aren’t like other décor and sometimes actually require rather specific care to thrive, the black-thumbed folks among us are often afraid to even get into houseplant growing at all.

How I Transformed My Bedroom Ceiling with Shiplap

I have come to realize that PVC shiplap is the ultimate solution to covering up all the unsightly things that come along with an old home: dated tile, old wallpaper, popcorn ceilings, or in my case an unfinished ceiling.

Creative Ways to Add Slatescape to Your Exterior

Earlier this year, we named Slatescape, a midtone blue-gray as our color trend of the year — and this hot new neutral has applications that go far beyond siding.

If you have fallen in love with this versatile shade as much as we have, but aren’t ready to replace your siding just yet, here are some other ways to incorporate it into your outdoor space.

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