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How to Upgrade Your Front Porch with Easy-to-Install Column Wraps

Whether you reside in a Cape Cod, Colonial, Craftsman or anything in between, professional and polished column wraps will take your architectural detail to the next level.

Royal®’s new 100% Cellular PVC Column Wraps, which were just released this spring, make porch transformations simple. You can install them around an existing porch column using common tools, and they’re virtually maintenance free.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself.

Home Tour: Luxury Outdoor Living in St. Petersburg, FL

With a majestic view of the skyway connecting the island it calls home to the city of St. Petersburg, this outdoor retreat offers sophisticated simplicity by day and modern drama by night. Entitled “Skyway,” the award-winning exterior design project packs generous amenities and experiences into an economy of waterfront space.

Before and After: How Trim Makes a Difference

Choosing the perfect trim for your home can be a little overwhelming, but it’s totally worth the effort. Even the most well-designed spaces need the right trim and moulding — it’s the finishing touch your home has been waiting for! Keep reading to see examples of how trim can make a huge difference in your home’s design.

How to Makeover a Room Using Plants

There are a lot of easy ways to update a room, but one of our favorites is investing in plants. Adding greenery will not only refresh the space visually but can also create a more calming environment. Some plants even purify your indoor air! So keep reading for our top tips on redoing a room using just plants.

Home Tour: Transitional Style in Bloomfield Hills

A family of five and a North Carolina design duo came together on a plan for this 6,000 square foot new construction. Designed and dressed to glisten with custom built furnishings, contemporary lighting and classic adornments, every room in this Bloomfield Hills home exhibits elements of the homeowner’s style.

Let the home style tips come to you.