Project Inspiration

Nontraditional Exterior Colors to Inspire Your Renovation

When you’re dreaming up a home renovation, it can be hard to find inspiration photos that are anything other than cookie-cutter. If you’re looking to think outside the box with your siding update, you’ve come to the right place! Check out some of our favorite nontraditional exterior colors to inspire your home renovation.

How to Style Your Bookshelf Like a Designer

As the holiday decorations come down, we get a chance to look at our home decor with fresh eyes. Maybe you’re wishing you had the budget to do some redecorating but your wallet is still recovering from the holiday season. One of the easiest ways to refresh a room on a budget is to thoughtfully redecorate your bookshelf. Creative bookshelf decor may seem like an art reserved for interior designers, but it’s easier than you think! These tips will help you redecorate your bookshelf like a pro, without breaking the bank.

Staying Organized With The Whole Family At Home

Whether it’s due to a pandemic or a snowstorm, when the whole family is stuck inside together it can be a challenge to keep your house organized. Here are my top tips for keeping the mess in check with everyone under one roof.

Modern Farmhouse Makeover in Texarkana, Texas

Hazel was a rundown and abandoned home in a charming neighborhood in the Historic district of Texarkana, TX. It was tucked away amongst two other red brick houses, making it almost unnoticeable. It had been vacant for almost 4 years, but we were able to snag it out of foreclosure and turn it into a cozy home for a young couple.

11 Amazing Pastel Beach Homes

Winter is in full-swing, but scrolling through these gorgeous pastel homes will transport you to a warmer climate and inspire your next home build or renovation.

Want to recreate the look of any of the homes below? Celect® Canvas, an unpainted siding with all the benefits of traditional Celect® Cellular Composite Siding, is compatible with your choice of thousands of exterior vinyl-safe paint color with an LRV rating of 50 or above.

Check out 11 of our favorite pastel beach homes and get inspired!

5 Plants To Purify Your Indoor Air

There are lots of ways to live healthier. Eat better. Spend more time outdoors. Get a little more active (maybe hit the gym?). One that’s less obvious is to surround yourself with plants indoors. Through their breathing process, plants add oxygen to our spaces. But there’s another benefit: as they breathe, plants also pull indoor pollution from the air.

Let the home style tips come to you.