Mastering the Art of Curb Appeal: Tactical Insights from Roof to Sidewalk

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As spring breathes new life into the world around us, it’s time to infuse our homes with that same sense of renewal. In this issue, we dive into the transformative world of curb appeal, blending nature’s beauty with contemporary design trends. From weekend DIY projects to holistic home transformations, we’re here to guide you in mastering the art of curb appeal. Let your home emerge from the cocoon of winter as a vibrant symbol of style and sophistication.

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Mastering the Art of Curb Appeal: Tactical Insights from Roof to Sidewalk
Our homes offer a first look at our personal design style. From the roof to your front porch, each element plays an important role in crafting an inviting, warm exterior that, if done well, reflects your design aesthetic while elevating your home’s charm at first glance through the art of curb appeal. We’re sharing practical tips and tricks that tap into current trends, from understanding how to harmonize fixed features like roofing, porches and walkways to choosing complementary hues that enhance your home’s beauty. These insights will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

How to Choose Exterior Colors + Considerations
To set the tone for your home’s exterior color scheme, the most influential consideration is your home’s fixed features—things that don’t often change—like the roofing style and color, chimney structures, porch, steps, retaining walls and walkways, decks, patios and hardscapes.

First, look at the fixed features of an attractive home to see the repetition of tones. These repeated colors allow different materials and textures to work seamlessly together. When choosing colors for your home’s exteriors, identify those that blend with or complement the brick or stone’s predominant color or color cast—the dominant color in a material and the other tones included. All other materials’ colors should harmonize with these tones to pop. They should not be a solid color but a mix of colors. If the fixed features have a different color cast, finding hues for siding, trim and accent colors that work with the color cast can be challenging. Repeat these colors from one feature to another to tie your home’s exterior together—from roof to walkway.

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Choosing a Roof Color for Your Home
Whether your home features brick, stone or siding, to choose a roof color that is complementary and creates a cohesive look, DaVinci® Roofscapes shares four considerations from their FRESH color series e-book.

Look at the colors alongside your roofing. The roof covers a large section of the visual field of your home’s exterior. Even if you’re not replacing it, the roofing color needs to coordinate with the other colors in the palette. When you find a color(s) that works well with fixed features, the decisions for your trim, window grids and door colors will more quickly fall into place.

Determine the architectural style of your home. The color scheme should “fit” the design of your home. For example, many popular exterior paint colors have roots in the past. Historic colors have stood the test of time for good reason and are excellent choices for color schemes of new and older homes. Meanwhile, newer homes may be subject to regulations from a homeowner’s association (HOA). Often, these neighborhoods have pre-approved color palettes for houses to ensure uniformity in the community. So be sure to understand any rules or approval processes before making any final color selections.

Consider the window grids on your home. Are they contrasting or is it an element that fades into the scheme? When window grids are a distinct color, they weigh into your color scheme decisions. The grids are often the same or close in color to the trim, but they don’t need to match. Any difference you see up close will not be noticeable once you step back.

Lastly, select the accent colors. If your home has shutters, it’s time to choose their color; you can pick a dark shade of the roof color to bring that color onto the house. Choose colors that harmonize with your selected colors and give your home’s color palette personality.

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How to Evolve Your Home’s Exterior from Ordinary to Extraordinary
A versatile design approach allows a home to transcend trends, ensuring its relevance and appeal over an extended period of time. This year, we see classic design trends gaining popularity (think vertical siding, crisp white trim and other modernized traditional styles) while shifting away from minimalism into an aesthetic that uses more nostalgia, personal touches and a more transitional style. Look no further than your home’s façade as an opportunity to easily add character with a more modern, updated look.

Give your front porch an instant facelift by wrapping your existing columns with PVC wraps. Our easy-to-install and cost-effective Knock Down Column Wraps are made of durable cellular PVC material, meaning no maintenance hassles, and they are able to meet the design potential of any architectural style. Available in a variety of ready-to-install styles, they can also be painted to complement your home’s exterior color palette.

Consider a bold statement by refreshing your front door. Whether a new, bold color or a fresh coat of the existing shade, your front door is one of the first things guests will touch upon entering your home. Don’t forget to consider the hardware, door knocker, kick plate and house numbers. With a variety of colors, finishes and sizes, there’s an opportunity to create impact with that first knock.

Pro Tip — if you have a classic style home, a red door can have the same effect as a bold red lipstick—the right shade is wearable on practically everyone. Bring on the Bold with these front door ideas.

Like a frame to a photograph, shutters are a classic exterior design element that can add instant charm to your home. Shutters can play beautifully against everything from windows to architectural style to the surrounding landscaping. If your home already has shutters, consider replacing them with updated styles, but if your home doesn’t currently have them, consider adding them to create a polished look. With a variety of materials and colors to choose from, there are shutters that suit each homeowner’s style and budget.

Pro Tip — Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered with Shutters 101.

How to Seamlessly Draw Inspiration from Nature
Connecting people more closely with nature and natural elements, biophilic design can lead to increased well-being and productivity. The integration of nature into a design with elements like green roofs, living walls, increased natural light to color choices like bold, earthy tones (navy blues, forest greens, dark brown and reds), and textures like wood and stone, pulls inspiration from nature into our home’s interiors and exteriors.

Lending sophistication and function to porch ceilings and soffits, beadboard offers the elegant look of stained wood in six trending colors but with less maintenance than traditional wood. Drawing inspiration from nature, the series evokes a sense of warmth, countryside elegance and a friendly invitation to your home that can be used to create a finished look on your porch ceiling or as an accent on your deck. Bonus—unlike traditional wood, beadboard is moisture and insect proof, too.

Landscaping, flower boxes and planters can create a colorful, inviting tone while also offering privacy. Experiment with your personal style and preferences, explore seasonal varieties (their colors and scents abound!) and offer a dynamic and ever-changing display of color and foliage while reflecting your home’s personality.

From the meticulous selection of exterior colors to the thoughtful integration of natural elements, each aspect of your home’s design works together to create an inviting and harmonious space. Whether you’re refreshing your front porch with modern touches or adding timeless shutters to enhance your home’s character, the possibilities for transformation are endless. By drawing inspiration from nature’s beauty and embracing contemporary design trends, your home can stand out as a beacon of style and sophistication in the neighborhood. As you embark on your curb appeal journey, may your home reflect not just your design aesthetic, but also a warm invitation to all who pass by.

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