Project Inspiration

Bring on the Bold: Introduce Your Walkway to the Neighborhood

The walkway to your front door. The path that winds through your backyard garden. While all roads may not, in fact, lead home, you can take advantage of the pathways that do and use well-thought-out design to express your personal style.

Remodeling Rewards: Valuable Advice to Maximize Your ROI

As flowers sprout from the ground, it seems “For Sale” signs do, too. And for good reason—according to, half of all homes are sold during the summer months.

Bring on the Bold: Easy Updates for a Fantastic Front Door

Bold changes bring even bolder results. The experts at LiveAbode™ have analyzed countless design trends to bring you the best in exterior design.

Design With Weather: Introduce a Rain Chain

Raindrops fall by the thousands throughout the spring and even summer months, only to roll down the pitch of the roof, stream across the gutter, cascade through the downspout and finally puddle at the ground.

Let the home style tips come to you.