Project Inspiration

Interior Trim Elements- Picture Moulding & Column Wraps

Picture frame moulding and column wraps are two of the hardest-working forms of interior trim. Ornate or simple in design, they add a distinctively polished and sophisticated look to any room—whether accenting picture railing and crown moulding to give walls greater purpose or dressing up utilitarian poles to complete a finished basement.

Three Simple Ways to Create Fall-Ready Curb Appeal

The deep, rich reds of maple leaves. The bright oranges of Halloween pumpkins. Fall is one of the country’s favorite seasons to change into—full of colorful inspiration for decorating, accenting and lighting our exteriors.

Stylish Sheds

Here are a few ways people all over the country are making their sheds more livable:

Curb Appeal Feeling a Little Off? Some Questions to Consider

After the front porch has been swept, the paint has dried and the flowers have been deadheaded, you may step back to admire your work and feel your home’s curb appeal is still lacking.

Connecticut Homeowner Wins a “Build Bold” Exterior Home Makeover

So, with the hope of winning an exterior makeover for her home, O’Leary entered the Royal Building Products’ “Build Bold” contest on the Today’s Homeowner website.

Online Design Tools: Plan and Preview Before You Commit

Remodeling our home exteriors is rewarding, exciting, and, depending on the scope of the project, even life altering.

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