The Best Places to Use Shiplap in Your Home

Traditionally used as an exterior product for barns and historical homes, shiplap is now a popular choice amongst interior designers and DIYers to achieve a farmhouse feel in a variety of home styles.

What makes this material so versatile? While white shiplap is most commonly used, rustic wood and paintable PVC styles make it an ideal featured element or accent just about anywhere in your home. And luckily for fans of “Fixer Upper,” the shiplap trend is timeless, easily achievable and has applications for nearly every room in your home.

Here are some of our favorite places to use shiplap:

Bathroom Walls

Light-colored shiplap is one way to achieve a coastal, beach house look. Just apply to the wall surrounding a standalone tub or vanity.


Mudroom / Entryway

Bright white shiplap can be used to great effect in a small place, lightening up a mudroom or entryway.


Kitchen Backsplash

Shiplap is a great modern alternative to kitchen tile backsplash. Plus, it’s easier to clean.


Accent Wall in Bedroom or Living Room

A dark, natural style of wood shiplap used as an accent wall will make the room feel rustic, while white or a lighter neutral bring freshness to the space.

black wood wall

Choosing the Right Shiplap

When it comes to choosing the right shiplap for your home, consider the humidity, cost, ease of installation and style you want. While wood shiplap will give you an authentic farmhouse look with its wood knots and chips, it can be expensive and difficult to install.

PVC shiplap gives you the same old-world charm, with a more modern and long-lasting product. It’s also resistant to humidity, making it an ideal material for interior or exterior applications.

If you’re craving the shiplap look without the tight spacing, consider the nickel gap style, which features a nickel-sized gap between boards. Royal® Building Products’ Nickel Gap Shiplap is easy to install, clean and maintain. It can also be painted with vinyl-approved paint, and the PVC material pairs well with other PVC interior trim products to create a finished look.

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