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What’s Your Home Design Style?

Are you redecorating your home but still unsure of how you want it to look and feel?

How to Incorporate Teal Into Your Home Design

Teal was all the rage back in the 90s, and it’s making a comeback! Want to incorporate this bold, trendy color into your home? Your options range from small and subtle to big and bright. Check out these ideas for including teal in your home decor and design.

8 Unique Ways to Incorporate Black Into Your Exterior

Dark colors are trending this year, especially black. Going bold with your home’s exterior can be intimidating, but we’ve got your back. Keep reading to learn eight ways you can jump on this trend and incorporate black into your home’s exterior.

What’s Trending: Starry Night Decks

Having an outdoor space that you enjoy is important. The goal shouldn’t be to have a backyard you tolerate, but to create an extension of your home that feels warm and comfortable. Whether you are building a new deck or looking to update an existing one, outdoor lighting is going to play a key role in creating the atmosphere you are looking for. Keep reading for inspiration to incorporate 2020’s biggest outdoor lighting trend into your backyard: starry night decks.

5 Exterior Design Ideas Using Composite Stone

Whether you’re designing a new home build or planning a renovation, spring is the time to look at your home’s exterior with a fresh perspective. One design element we have our eye on for Spring 2020 is composite stone. Specifically, Royal Building Products’ new Atlas™ Stone composite stone panels! Incorporating composite stone into your home’s design can instantly add dimension, texture, architectural interest and curb appeal.

Keep reading for ideas on how to use Atlas™ Stone on your home this spring!

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