What’s Your Home Design Style?

Letter from the Editor

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Welcome to The Great Indoors issue of LiveAbode! As cooler temperatures and family gatherings bring us all inside together, we are so excited to share with you some of our favorite interior projects. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a new homeowner looking to add some unique touches to your space, this issue has something to inspire you.

We hope you find something to love this season in The Great Indoors!

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Ready to give your home a makeover but not sure where to start? Your home should reflect your unique style. Take the LiveAbode Home Design Style quiz to start!


How do you want your home to feel?

How would you describe your wall art?

What is your favorite furniture material?

Choose one home away from home.

Name a must-have accent piece.

What is your ideal color scheme?

Describe your preferred furniture.

Favorite feature of your home?

What’s Your Home Design Style?

Your ideal home is clean, minimalist and sleek. Space is used to improve functionality and often follows geometric patterns to create a simple and modern look. This style needs a neutral palette with purposeful pops of colors. Use large windows to open up space. For modern exterior cladding that is built to last, consider Cedar Renditions™ aluminum siding, a contemporary woodgrain accent without the maintenance of real wood.

Your perfect home is romantic, cozy and traditional, without sacrificing comfort. Quaint, warm vintage looks combine with modern functionality for this stylish bridge between old and new. If you’re looking for large porches, unique decor and simple, but tastefully detailed touches, you want the Farmhouse style. Consider products like Vantage Shutters to accent your home’s natural beauty.

You resonate with the Nordic aesthetic. You gravitate towards soft color palettes, natural hues and a generous use of wood. The Scandinavian style offers a softer variation on hard minimalism and modernity. Combine relaxed elements with hints of rusticism. S4S Trimboard made from Cellular Composite PVC is a great way to capture this style.

You’re looking for a relaxed vibe with features built to withstand coastal weather. You love white-washed wood, shiplap, nautical accents and brightness. The Coastal style incorporates soft blue tones and lots of natural light to create a clean aesthetic. Using external features like textured siding create a simple and unassuming design with a streak of New England charm. Products like Celect® Canvas Unpainted Siding give you the look and feel of a Coastal home and are built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

You are looking to honor Traditional elements with a sense of familiarity, comfort and warmth. Update the classics for the functionality of a modern home with a truly timeless look. Highlight quintessential design elements with touches of eclecticism and creativity. Start by adding PVC column wraps to your front porch as an easy way to define your home’s exterior.
Mid-Century Modern

You want your home to be contemporary but fresh, honoring the roots of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Your home should emphasize minimalism and geometric shapes, featuring details like woodgrain, textiles and other natural design elements for a functional, organic and diverse Mid-Century Modern look. Consider adding S4S Trimboard or Versetta Stone® panels for distinguished interior accents.