What’s Your Home Design Style?


Are you redecorating your home but still unsure of how you want it to look and feel? This quick and easy quiz will help you figure out your aesthetic.


What words best describe your ideal home?

What is your favorite style of art?

What material are you most drawn to?

What is your dream vacation destination?

What is your go-to home decor accessory?

What is your favorite color scheme for your space?

What is your favorite kind of furniture?

What feature is most important to you in your home?

What’s Your Home Design Style?

The Contemporary style is clean, minimalist, and sleek. This style favors functionality and stand-out geometric shapes that create a simple and modern look. To capture this aesthetic, keep your palette primarily neutral with small pops of color. Feature big windows, open spaces, and defined shapes. For modern exterior cladding that will set your home apart, Cedar Renditions™ aluminum siding provides contemporary woodgrain aesthetics when used as an accent, without the maintenance of wood.

The Farmhouse style is a romantic nod to the rustic coziness of a traditional farmhouse with the functionality of modern comforts. This quaint, warm, and cozy style uses vintage looks to create a comfortable, stylish home and centers on practicality, simplicity, and rustic charm. It is a stylish bridge between old and new. To get this look, think large porches, ornate decor, and simple, but tastefully detailed touches. Products that will help capture this look include Royal® Board & Batten.

The Scandinavian style pays homage to the Nordic aesthetic. Think soft color palettes, natural hues, and lots of wood with a gentle linear feel. The Scandinavian style is for those who enjoy a softer variation on hard minimalism and modernity. This warm and relaxed style is all about comfort and a return to nature with hints of rusticism. The products used to capture this style include the S4S Trimboard made from Cellular Composite PVC.

The Coastal style has deep roots in relaxed beach vibes with a mix of functionality to withstand coastal weather. Think lots of white-washed wood, shiplap, nautical features, and brightness. Soft blue tones, lots of natural light, and a clean aesthetic are central to this style. External features include textured siding, a simple and unassuming design, and dormers with a streak of New England charm. Plus, there’s no need to worry about harsh weather conditions when you choose a product like Celect® Canvas Unpainted Siding.

The Traditional style is a classic look that honors heritage with a sense of familiarity, comfort, and warmth. Drawing on elements from the past, but refurbished for a modern home, this style is a classic look that is truly timeless. With a focus on quintessential design elements, this style also has hints of eclecticism and creativity. If this look is for you, adding PVC column wraps to your front porch is an easy project that will add to your home’s exterior.
Mid-Century Modern

The Mid-Century Modern style is contemporary but fresh with roots in the ’50s and ‘60s. With an emphasis on minimalism and geometric shapes, this style adds pops of warmth and textured details using woodgrain, textiles and other natural design elements. Functional, organic, and diverse, Mid-Century Modern is a smooth, soft, and sleek style for your home. Products for your Mid-Century modern home include S4S Trimboard applied on the interior and Atlas Stone® Composite Panels for your exterior.