5 Exterior Design Ideas Using Composite Stone

Whether you’re designing a new home build or planning a renovation, spring is the time to look at your home’s exterior with a fresh perspective. One design element we have our eye on for Spring 2020 is composite stone. Specifically, Royal Building Products’ new Atlas™ Stone composite stone panels! Incorporating composite stone into your home’s design can instantly add dimension, texture, architectural interest and curb appeal.

Keep reading for ideas on how to use Atlas™ Stone on your home this spring!

1. Hide your cement grade.

front off house window gray and white

If you’re tired of the sight of the cement grade at the bottom of your house, Atlas™ Stone can be applied there to achieve a more refined, upscale look. And since it’s moisture-resistant and virtually maintenance-free, it’s the perfect material to add to the lower half of a home.

2. Create visual interest with accent siding.

Front of house stone siding

Composite stone makes a great accent because it helps to add color and dimension to your exterior. Select a few areas of your home to highlight, and use a stone color with undertones that complement your existing siding. Atlas™ Stone is available in an array of colors to suit any siding color.

3. Go halfsies.

farmhouse garage stone siding

Typically you will see an Atlas™ Stone application make up about a quarter or third of the overall exterior design, and it is usually kept to the first floor of the home. But depending on the style of your home, applying composite stone to half or more than half of your home can be a striking textural change to freshen things up and help your home stand out.

4. Create a focal point.

modern house corner window stone siding

Go beyond the usual accent siding and create a striking focal point using composite stone. Is there a unique part of your home you could completely cover in Atlas™ Stone to emphasize an architectural element, distinct from the rest of your house? If you have a contemporary home, there’s a good chance there is!

5. Mix composite stone with more than one type of siding.

Front of house stone siding and wood siding

Atlas™ Stone complements both clapboard and shake siding, so why not use all three on your home? The combination of textures is gorgeous and will help add dimension to your home’s exterior.

Inspired to add composite stone to your home? Check out more about Atlas™ Stone, here.

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