No Limits: Be Boundless™ in How You Think and What You Do

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Welcome to a world where your home is not just a structure but a canvas for infinite expression. In this issue, we invite you to join us as we delve into our first 2024 theme, “No Limits: Be Boundless™ in How You Think and What You Do.” Home design, at its core, should reflect your passions, adapt to your evolving tastes and embrace the various ways you live. It should help you remove constraints and explore the vast landscape of creativity within your abode.

To truly understand what it means to Be Boundless™, we explore the fusion of materials, resources and expertise that unlock your home’s full potential while sprinkling inspiration along the way. Our featured articles will guide you through keeping your options wide open—whether it’s playing with textures, styles, colors or moods. Discover the art of mixing materials to achieve unique expressions, dive into the vibrant world of colors to set distinct moods, and learn how the right combination of trim, column wraps and roofing can elevate your home’s aesthetic.

From expression to innovation, now is the perfect time to Be Boundless™ in crafting a home that is not just lived in but truly lived through. Let us help you create a home that speaks volumes about your unique style.

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Home design worth remembering should stay true to what you love, exemplify how you live and adapt to all the ways your tastes and needs transform over the years. It should expand on what you dream and do, and remove the limits that slow you down. To explore what it means to Be Boundless™, it takes all kinds of materials, resources and expertise to fulfill your home’s potential.


Some call it “visual interest.” Others “balance and intention.” You don’t have to label it. Just remember that blending multiple elements inside and out gives your home greater depth and is flat out more interesting to look at and live in. Here are three ideas of how to achieve that intent:

Mix Materials and Deepen Design

Be Boundless™ in how you mix materials to achieve your expression. You can apply vinyl siding to the main section of your exterior and add a stone accent like Cultured Stone. Then expand the design conversation inside with a stone fireplace surround or feature wall to create visual interest.

Discover how many variations you can create by blending the classic with the contemporary. Try using traditional lap siding in your exterior’s primary area and shake in the gables, or contrasting those elements with a more modern bumpout and roofing component.

Dive Into Color

On trend in 2024, we see unique color pairings that balance joyful, attention-getting tones with timeless hues that are more subtle. Color usage can be linked to emotions and moods. What mood do you want to curate in your home? Depending on the combinations you choose, you can achieve any kind of feeling and character.

Combine Warm and Natural:

Pair neutral go-to’s like light beige with terracotta, olive green, sage and other naturally appealing colors reminiscent of outdoor elements such as sand, clay, wood and stone.

Turn up intensity and drama:

Incorporate charcoal gray, deep navy, forest green or black to accent walls and add a compelling element to a cozy environment.

Add energy and joy:

Drop in a fiery red, dynamic magenta, razor-sharp green, tropical blue or any number of other bold colors as a door or window trim accent to make your entire home pop.

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Match Any Style with Trim, Column Wraps and Roofing

The right combination of trim and mouldings, column wraps and roofing culminates in that sought-after “put together” look.

Finish what you start with trim:

Choose from the broad variety of profiles you’ll find with Westlake Royal Trim & Mouldings™ to bring any home style to life.

For example, wider trim styles take the unmistakable confidence of a Craftsman to another level. The distinguished details of more ornate trim perfectly set off a Colonial home’s squared-off facade. And a functional and traditional trim variation can accentuate the cozy simplicity of a Cape Cod. However, trim and mouldings offer a variety of ways to get creative and express your style inside and outside your abode. Add distinction and presence to your entryway with a door and panel mouldings, brighten and expand your kitchen with light-reflecting PVC shiplap or add proportion and clean lines with the addition of trimboard in the bathroom.

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Add porch presence with column wraps:

Column wraps, like the kind made by Westlake Royal Building Products™, offer a range of easy ways to add distinction—from powerfully simple to elegantly detailed. Not only is this a convenient project for a weekend warrior, but it boosts curb appeal and creates a polished exterior.

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Cover your aesthetics and performance options with roofing:

No matter what your taste, home architecture style or regional weather, there’s a roofing choice out there for you. Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions™ offers a combination of strength, durability and profile-raising presence.


Design statements are important, but so is how well your exterior stands up to varying weather conditions, the return on investment it offers you as the homeowner and potential sustainability benefits you can enjoy.

Westlake Royal exterior products like Eldorado Stone, Cultured Stone and Dutch Quality Stone all carry a Class A fire rating and are approved for high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ) in Florida.

Celect™ Cellular Composite Siding is resistant to hurricane-force winds up to over 210 mph and is impact resistant in the harshest weather conditions. TruExterior™ Siding & Trim is made from poly-ash material that resists damage from freezing rain, snow and freeze-thaw conditions.

Your home may be one of the largest investments you make in your lifetime. Protect that investment while increasing ROI by choosing exterior materials that add distinction to your home while bolstering your return on investment. For example, vinyl and PVC siding and trim outperform wood alternatives when it comes to maintenance and wear and tear over time.

Many homeowners are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, and continue to look for ways to make their homes more sustainable whether through energy-efficient appliances or eco-friendly building products. Roofing products like the kind offered by Westlake Royal incorporate underlayments and venting that reduce home heating and cooling demands. Which can lessen the warming emissions that your home gives off.

Find your own unique way to Be Boundless™

In the quest to create a home that truly reflects one’s individuality and adapts to evolving tastes, the essence of being boundless comes to life. Embracing a diverse range of materials, colors, and styles allows homeowners to unlock the full potential of their living spaces.

Let the home style tips come to you.