The Impact of Finishes on Home Value & Appeal

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The Impact of Finishes on Home Value & Appeal

When it comes to your home upgrades, the right ones can significantly enhance its value and appeal. After all, first impressions don’t simply begin at your front door. Factors like curb appeal, exterior condition, landscaping, cleanliness and overall ambiance help to set the scene. Choosing high-quality products and finishes not only improves your home’s appearance but provides an excellent ROI by eliciting a sense of attention to detail—
or care, durability and luxury, while often also offering less maintenance and long-term upkeep for homeowners.

But there are psychological benefits, too! Curb appeal holds significant emotional sway over guests, shaping their initial perceptions of your home. Ultimately, curb appeal sets the stage for a positive and inviting experience, leaving a lasting impression on visitors before they step foot inside whether as a guest or a potential new buyer.

As you consider home improvements, it’s important to recognize that updating your finishes can be a strategic move, offering immediate and long-term value.

Making a Lasting First Impression

Boasting functional and aesthetic benefits, PVC column wraps enhance the appearance of structural columns on porches and entryways by providing protection for the column while adding fresh, polished, visual interest to your home. Column wraps balance practicality and aesthetics by upgrading style; strengthening structural protection against weather, rot or damage, which can prolong the lifespan of the columns themselves; and increase curb appeal and overall market value of your home with potential buyers.

From traditional to contemporary designs, Knock Down Column Wraps are made of a durable cellular PVC and can be painted to match any home’s color palette. They’re often seen on architectural styles such as Colonials, Craftsman-style homes, Greek Revival homes, Victorian-style homes and Ranch-style homes to enhance traditional and elegant appearances, adding ornate detailing, or complementing horizontal lines of the home. 

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Enhancing Your Home’s Exterior

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so why wouldn’t that apply to a home’s windows? Shutters enhance curb appeal and the architectural detailing of your home thanks to a variety of styles, colors and materials so that you can customize to best complement the character and style of your house. They also contribute to the cohesive design scheme of your home—especially when tied together with other exterior features such as window trim, siding, and trim and mouldings. Mid-America® vinyl shutters add a touch of charm and character to a home’s exterior while offering a simple yet affordable upgrade.

While evaluating your home’s windows, consider replacing drafty or outdated windows with modern, energy-efficient models. This not only prevents winter drafts and the loss of cooled air during warmer months but also yields savings on your utility bills while offering a nearly 70% return on investment of the upgrade!

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Boosting Home Value

Upgrading your garage door and its trim may seem like a small home improvement project, but it can yield significant benefits. According to Zonda’s 2024 Cost vs. Value Report, replacing a garage door boasts a 193% return on investment since new garage doors come with energy-efficient features and advanced security measures, but are also a relatively low-cost update compared to the significant perceived value and resale price. Couple that with updating your garage door trim to offer a tight seal from dirt, bugs, water or exterior elements while creating a finished appearance that integrates the garage door more seamlessly with the architectural style of your home in a way that’s customized through material, colors and styles.

The Unsung Heroes of Home Improvement

Although often overlooked, trim plays a vital role in enhancing your home’s exterior. When done right, trim seamlessly ties together all exterior elements, creating a cohesive look. 

Trim and moulding upgrades not only help increase curb appeal and ROI but can help to increase the energy efficiency of your home. By sealing gaps and cracks around doors and windows, you’re reducing  drafts and preventing heating or cooling loss, which can lower energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Before thinking about making this upgrade, it’s important to consider your home’s individual style. Each architectural style has its own unique trim characteristics, so consider the style of your home and choose elements that align with that aesthetic. Royal® PVC trim & mouldings alleviate this worry with its adaptability in matching everything from colonial to craftsman-style homes.

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By following these guidelines and carefully considering your options, you can enhance the beauty and character of your home while expressing your personal style. With the potential for a high ROI and the ability to add value to your home, these small, but impactful upgrades are wise decisions for any homeowner.

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