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Renovation Detail: 4 Popular Brick Patterns for Patios

As our outdoor renovation plans heat up, the patio and path ideas are percolating. After settling on brick as our material of choice, who knew we’d then have to select the pattern in which the brick is laid?

An Arbor, Pergola, Patio Cover; Is There a Difference?

When someone mentions building an arbor, pergola or patio cover we all get a picture of an outdoor structure in our head.

Outdoor Showers: Clean Comfort Worth Craving

It’s a clear fact and an undeniable trend: we’re taking the well-designed comforts of our homes’ interiors and replicating them on the outside. Exhibit A: the outdoor shower. It’s what makes home not just a shelter, but a destination.

10 Tips for a Magical Party on the Patio

Whether it’s a leisurely weekend brunch on the patio or cocktail hour in the garden, when the weather is delightful, not much can top gathering outdoors with good company.

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