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6 Tips for Designing Your Dream Deck

Designing your dream deck is always an exciting prospect, but with outdoor living spaces becoming increasingly complex, as well as all the latest trends of 2019 to consider, it can definitely feel a bit daunting.

How to Enjoy Your Screened-In Porch Year-Round

Screened-in porches provide a lovely touch to any home, and they’re an excellent way to maximize your outdoor living space. However, many homeowners end up asking the same question about these additions: How can I comfortably utilize this space year-round? If you’re considering renovations to your screened-in porch or are looking to create one from scratch, here are a few tips and tricks for ensuring the area is usable, even when the temperature drops and the wind blows.

6 Clever Ways to Hide Outdoor Eyesores

When considering the aesthetics of the overall exterior of one’s home, it’s easy to think about common fixes and large-scale renovations such as paint color, siding, landscape, gardening, etc. But what about those everyday eyesores like AC units, gas meters, garbage and recycling bins that are tricky to hide? We rounded up some of the best tips and tricks from outdoor design experts on how to easily hide everyday eyesores to improve your home’s curb appeal.

How to Prep Your Yard for Fall Like a Pro

Fall is one of the most magical times of the year — and a welcome change from the hot days of summer. We take sweatshirts out of storage, sip pumpkin-spiced drinks, and enjoy a host of seasonal foods.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Repel Bugs in Your Backyard

Summertime would be heavenly – if only we didn’t have to deal with all the annoying biting and stinging pests that arrive with the warmer weather. Many of the fun activities of the season are spoiled by having to constantly swat away the incessant barrage of flies, mosquitoes and other bothersome insects. If you’ve been driven indoors by the bugs and want to reclaim your backyard without having to resort to using sprays or chemicals, here are some eco-friendly ideas to help.

Three Tips to Organize Your Backyard for Fun All Summer

Like many families with young children, our summers seem to fly by. We have trips planned to the beach, we’re going camping and hiking, and we like to get out for a few baseball outings. However, the best part of summer is lived right in our backyards.

Composite Decking: The Beauty of Exotic Wood Without the Maintenance

Many people gravitate toward the look of natural wood, but in some areas of the country, the weather doesn’t always cooperate with those materials. For example, the Mid-Atlantic region experiences a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year—everything from beating sun to driving rain—and this often leads to exterior materials sustaining a lot of damage.

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