All About DIY

Welcome to the Royal Building Products Do-it-Yourself issue. In this issue, we celebrate you: the DIY warriors who spend the weekends doing new and exciting DIY projects to upgrade and refresh your homes. Here you’ll find just about everything you need to know to get inspired and start on your DIY projects in the new year.

This is the perfect time of the year to dive into those home improvement projects. Because we’re inside for months and the winter weather outside isn’t conducive for getting anything done outside, winter is ideal for staying warm and cozy and focusing on your home’s interior. If you’re looking for your next DIY project for this winter, then look no further than Royal’s ultimate resource for DIY projects.

Prepare Accordingly
From easy birdhouses and trim upgrades to a fresh coat of paint, we’ve got you DIYers covered for this winter with all the interior projects you could want. When getting ready to start your DIY home projects, it’s important that you plan ahead so you have your materials and timing well organized to ensure that your project goes smoothly and successfully. Poor planning can render your DIY project a flop, so take the time to prep accordingly.

It’s also important that you keep your skill level and availability of tools in mind when selecting a DIY project. If you don’t have the skills or tools for a project, perhaps park it until you can get a little help. Hiring or asking someone for help doesn’t mean it’s no longer a DIY project! It’s simply a smart way to ensure that you safely and successfully get the result you’re dreaming of.

Get Inspired
From materials, products and inspiration to plans, Royal Building Products has got you covered for all your DIY needs. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Column Wraps
Easy to install and an instant improvement, column wraps are a simple way to transform your porch. Royal’s new cellular PVC column wraps protect your porch from the elements while upgrading your curb appeal. Sleek, sustainable and simple to do yourself, changing your column wraps is a great DIY project for milder winter days. Easy-to-install column wraps require an intermediate skill level and some basic materials but can easily be completed over a weekend. Be sure to choose days with a tolerable temperature and minimal snow to get your project done smoothly and successfully.

Plant-Inspired Makeover
Bring some life into your home by upgrading the look of a room with plants. This is a perfect DIY project for those new to the DIY lifestyle who aren’t feeling handy enough to take on more advanced projects just yet. Adding greenery to a room is also ideal for winter when we’re missing the brightness and liveliness of warmer months. Not just visually refreshing, plants can purify your indoor air to make a room even more enjoyable. This DIY project is tool-free and only takes a little investment and an eye for design.

Historic Renovations
We tend to associate renovations with spring and fall, but winter is a great time for simple interior DIY renovations. Keep historic trim and details looking historic but upgrade them for modern convenience with Royal PVC Lattice. This super easy-to-use material will keep the historic aesthetic of your home without compromising on the ease of modern materials. Get inspired by this Victorian home that was updated with this beginner-friendly DIY entryway renovation. It’s perfect for upgrading your interior this winter. When doing a trim project, it’s important to consider the style and look you’re hoping to achieve and the style and look of your home’s existing trim so you can get the result you’re going for.

Contemporary Renovations
Using Royal’s PVC trim can add a sleek and clean contemporary appeal to your home’s interior. With a little skill, some tools and a long weekend, adding contemporary craftsman trim to your interior is a good DIY for the winter. Contemporary style can add a fresh and tidy look to your home that can really update and upgrade a space. As with any interior trim project, be sure that your home’s style and design are uniform.

Bathroom Renovations
A perfect DIY interior renovation project for winter is to update the bathrooms. Whether you’ll be updating the fixtures, appliances or aesthetic, this can easily be done over a couple of weekends. Shiplap is trending and makes an easy DIY material to work with and add to your home. Shiplap is a versatile and attractive option for adding dimension, texture and appeal to your bathroom. If you’re weary of looking at your tired old bathroom walls and tiles, PVC Shiplap might be just what you need to update the look of your bathrooms. Waterproof, mold-resistant and easy to work with, DIY bathroom renovations have never been simpler.

Get inspired and start your DIY home improvement this winter with our ultimate LiveAbode DIY issue, just for you.

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