How to Install PVC Wainscoting Panels in Your Bathroom

Decorative wainscoting adds visual interest to any space and can create divisions between rooms like entryways, hallways and other nooks. When used in a bathroom, for example, wainscoting panels create dimension and depth to previously overlooked rooms. PVC wainscoting panels are the best choice for the bathroom because they are water-resistant, less susceptible to nicks and damage like wood alternatives and easy to install in small spaces.

Royal PVC trim and mouldings are available in a wide variety of profiles, thicknesses and lengths, perfect for any wainscoting project.

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How to Install PVC Wainscoting Panels in Your Bathroom


  • 1×6 PVC Trimboard
  • PVC Quarter Round
  • 5¾ inch PVC Wainscoting Planks
  • 1×4 PVC Trimboard
  • 1×2 PVC Trimboard

Step One – Determine what height you’ll make your wainscoting and chair rail design.
Consider using a level to draw a line around your room at the height you prefer.

Step Two – Measure and cut Royal 1×6 Trimboards and butt joint the corners of your baseboards.
Using Royal 1×6 Trimboards, measure and cut baseboards to fit around the entire perimeter of your room. Use butt joints in the corners and secure with 8D finishing nails about every 16 inches and countersink when done.

Step Three – Complete the baseboard step.
Measure and miter cut Royal cord rounds, secure with 8D finishing nails and then countersink.

Step Four – Interlock each piece to maintain consistent bead spacing.
Royal wainscoting planks use an interlocking tongue and groove design to help ensure a uniform and consistent bead pattern. Add Royal 5¾ wainscoting planks. Cut all planks to the correct height before adding to your walls.
Start in a corner, place on top of the baseboard and trim the edge if required. Apply wall paneling adhesive to the back of the planking and press firmly to ensure maximum adhesion.

Step Five – Add Royal 1×4 Trimboard on top of wainscoting and countersink nails.
Now you’re ready for the chair rail buildup. First, cut and butt joint the 1×4 trimboard to fit around the perimeter of your room. Place each piece along the top edge of the wainscoting planks with 8D finishing nails.

Step Six – Add Royal 1×2 Trimboard and countersink nails.
Continue with assembly and countersinks.

Step Seven – Caulk all seams and patch nail holes and paint if desired.
Caulk seams with latex caulk, and fill your nail holes with DAP, all-purpose painters’ putty. Paint and patch all other millwork with 100% acrylic latex paint as desired.

Step Eight – Admire your finished project.
Westlake Royal Building Products™ offers a variety of wall and wainscoting profiles to add warmth, personality and intimacy to any room, even the bathroom! Each profile has precise angles, crisp details, white or woodgrain finishes and detailed embossed or smooth finishes. Plus, Westlake Royal™ PVC trim and mouldings resist dents and scratches, and won’t crack, split or warp like wood alternatives.

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