5 Ways to Get More Value from Your Outdoor Space

We continue to see homeowners prioritizing once-overlooked outdoor living spaces. With more homeowners choosing to stay in their homes longer, due to factors like the high cost of financing a new home, limited inventory and increased remote working opportunities, adding value to your outdoor living space could improve the overall value of your home.

Spacewise contributors report a well-designed patio can add 8-10% to a home’s value while also netting a return on investment (ROI) of over 80%. Simply repairing or refinishing an existing patio can earn an ROI of nearly 500%!

From outdoor kitchens to pergolas, where should you start when rethinking your outdoor space?

Protect your space from the elements

Your outdoor space will be entirely or partially exposed to rain, wind and potentially high heat or snow. How you protect your space depends on where you live and what you’ll be designing. Adding upholstered furniture? Consider removable cushions that can be stored during the rainy season. Including an outdoor kitchen? Say, “Yes, chef!” to protecting the space.

Local ordinances may restrict the addition of a pergola or gazebo, but you can still keep things covered by adding or reinforcing an overhang. Dress up the ceiling of your overhang for more visual interest. We recommend Cedar Renditions™ aluminum siding. Cedar Renditions offers an authentic look of cedar without the risk of wood rot to create a finished, elevated look by lining the porch ceiling.

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Choose weather-resistant materials

With any home renovation project, you increase your return on investment by ensuring the project is built to last. Select building products that are weather resistant and low maintenance for a greater return on your investment.

Celect™ Cellular Composite Siding won’t warp, sag or buckle and is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. With its patented interlocking joints, you get a seamless look and it’s easy to install in small spaces, like along a knee or pony wall.

Keep your space comfortable

The more time you can comfortably spend using your outdoor space, the higher the value. If you live in a cooler climate that means adding a heating element so you can enjoy the space in the fall and winter seasons.

Larger heaters may make things too hot and will not blend seamlessly into your design aesthetic. Keep things simple with a Kindred Fire Bowl. Kindred Fire Bowls can create a visual centerpiece and become a natural gathering place. They offer heat in the colder months and create a cozy ambiance in the warmer months.

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Add Definition and Focal Points

Like any renovation project, keep versatility in mind to add the most value. If your project is centered around an outdoor kitchen, make sure there is space for guests to sit and enjoy the meal once it’s prepared.

Create a natural division between spaces and a focal point with accent elements like Versetta Stone™ Siding. Versetta Stone is manufactured in panels so it’s easy to install, even in small spaces or corners. When you’re cooking outside, guests have a place to spectate, and when you’re just enjoying the company, everyone will see where to gather.

Reflect the interior style of your home

Take inspiration from your home’s unique interior style to ensure a seamless cohesion between your indoor and outdoor space. A sleek, modern outdoor setup will not mesh with a traditional interior style.

Trim and mouldings are a subtle way to merge interior and exterior styles. Often overlooked, trim and mouldings can be the perfect match or an obvious clash. Royal PVC Trim is a preferred choice for the interior or the exterior of the home because it’s durable, water resistant and will not crack or warp the same way wood alternatives do.

Check out these interior and exterior trim and mouldings ideas.

Improving your home’s outdoor area gives you more livable space while simultaneously adding value to your overall home. To get the most return on your investment, protect your project from the elements. Choose weather-resistant materials that are built to last. Keep your space comfortable all year with cooling or heating elements. Think through ways you’d like to use the space and define separate areas. Honor the unique style of your home by replicating the interior style. And then, enjoy!

Let the home style tips come to you.