5 Things You Need to Know About Zuri® Premium Decking

The last year brought about change across all aspects of our lives, including the importance of having both a functional and stylish outdoor living space. Outdoor spaces are now doing triple duty as the places we relax, entertain and even work! And for those who are seeking a maintenance-free deck with the beauty of exotic hardwood, there’s no better product on the market than Zuri® Premium Decking.

Luckily, we’ve gathered the top features you need to know about Zuri®, made of Cellular Composite (PVC), to help you decide if this product is right for you. With a compelling hardwood presence, this exotic looking decking is designed to ensure enjoyment of the warmer weather in style for years to come. Check out more below for product features, resources, and inspiration from gorgeous projects using Zuri® Premium Decking. Click here for the complete Zuri® Premium Decking brochure.

Why Zuri®?


      • Rivals richness and warmth of exotic hardwood
      • Minimal grain repetition
      • Seamless indoor-outdoor transitions
      • Available in Walnut, Chestnut, Pecan, Brazilia, Weathered Gray, and Hickory


      • Low maintenance durability
      • Resistant to scratches, stains, color fading, slips, and moisture
      • No painting, staining, or releasing


      • Distinctive inlay design, style, and color options
      • Makes a lasting impression
      • Proprietary innovative technology that lasts

Releases Heat

      • Cools down quickly after exposure to direct sunlight
      • Exceptional weather resistance to UV light and color fading

Built to Last

Designing with Zuri® Premium Decking

We have a simple and fun way to explore designing with this unique product: the Zuri® Visualizer design tool. See all of your mix and match color options before you start building using the resources linked above. You can also order samples to touch and feel the difference compared to other products on the market.

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Installing Zuri® Premium Decking

Zuri® Premium Decking has similar behavior to wood and composite decking when you’re ready for installation. We’ve put together a comprehensive installation guide and installation materials checklist which covers everything you or your contractor will need to know about storage and handling, tools and equipment, materials, maintenance, and so much more.

And the best kept secret? There’s actually a hidden fastener system that gives this premium decking a streamlined look. All of the installation details about these unique hidden fasteners are included in the installation guide.

Ready to explore using Zuri® Premium Decking for your next project? Contact your local Royal® representative today!

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