Captivating Tudor Home Marries Classic Aesthetics with Contemporary Material

Step into the quaint neighborhood of Needham, Massachusetts, and prepare to be enchanted by NS Builders’ building techniques as we showcase their latest masterpiece. Nestled among the charming New England homes, this recent construction stands as a testament to timeless design and innovative materials.

Nick Schiffer, the visionary behind this architectural gem and founder of NS Builders, embraced his clients’ desire for a home steeped in tradition, reminiscent of classic American architecture. Collaborating with Tiek Design Group, they crafted a sprawling 7,800-square-foot Tudor-style residence, boasting quintessential gables, intricate rooflines and a façade that seamlessly blends reclaimed brick, wood-look siding and composite roofing.

Texture and Authenticity: Key Elements in Tudor-Style Home Design

The façade of this Tudor marvel tells a story of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Antique brick sourced from a historic train station in New Hampshire adorns the primary gables, extending a warm welcome to visitors. Complementing this historic touch is TruExterior® poly-ash siding, meticulously installed with precision to create a timeless nickel gap appearance. Engineered for longevity and low maintenance, the siding pays homage to tradition while meeting the demands of modern living.

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Timeless Elegance: Incorporating Durable Details in Home Design

As part of Atlantic Shutters’ custom color program, the shutters were painted to the customer’s specs to match the Benjamin Moore “Black Bean Soup” paint on the home’s garage doors. Atlantic Premium Shutters®, with their classic flat-panel design, add a touch of sophistication, while robust window trim and color-matched gutters ensure a cohesive aesthetic. Even the drainage system, discreetly integrated into the landscaping, speaks to the home’s commitment to both form and function.

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Designing Distinctive Rooflines for Tudor Homes

Above all else, it’s the rooflines that define the character of this Tudor abode. Inspired by the timeless charm of Tudor architecture, each gable boasts a unique blend of straight pitches and graceful curves. DaVinci® Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate Shingles, with their striking resemblance to natural slate, complete the look, offering durability and aesthetic appeal without compromising on performance.

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Collaborative Home Building: Integrating Classic and Modern Techniques

Behind every detail lies a collaborative effort between builder NS Builders, architect and designer Tiek Design Group, installer Boston Exterior Remodeling and products like Atlantic Premium Shutters, DaVinci Multi-Width Slate and TruExterior Nickel Gap Siding, manufactured by Westlake Royal Building Products. Together, they brought this vision to life, infusing the home with quality craftsmanship and enduring beauty

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