What’s Next for Decks? 2023 Outdoor Design Trends We’re Watching

Over the past few years, outdoor living space has gone from “nice to have” to a necessity for many homeowners. With more time spent at home, people are reevaluating what to do with their backyards and decks. We sat down with James and Tim from Design Builders, Inc., located in Bethesda, MD, to find out anything and everything they are seeing homeowners do with their decks.

Zuri Decking

Zuri Decking

How has the emphasis on outdoor living space changed?
Decks are no longer just a place to hang out during the summer, they have become an extension of the home. Homeowners want to walk seamlessly from the interior of their home to the deck and not sacrifice any elements of comfort.

We are seeing requests for things like outdoor heaters, retractable windows, screening systems, anything to make the deck more comfortable all year long. Extending its longevity is also imperative as homeowners are staying in their homes longer and integrating the deck as a commonly occupied space. Using composite materials, like Zuri® Premium Decking, ensures a longer life and weather resistance for your extra living room.

Outside of a traditional deck, what else are homeowners adding?
Anything that makes your deck a more livable space. Fireplaces and heating elements for the winter, ceiling fans for the summer;, people are spending more time at home and more time outside. Outdoor kitchens are really popular for entertaining. Additional storage space is also a must. We’ve installed drawers under decks for cushions, towels, things like that.

Zuri Decking

Zuri Decking

Where else are you seeing decking used on the home?
We’ve seen decking used in creative ways in the backyard, on the front porch, even as a siding on contemporary homes. With a rooftop deck, decking can be used for underdeck trim or as cladding. Using lattice under the deck is obsolete at this point. At a beach house, we’ve used decking as partition walls and to line outdoor showers. Composite decking, like Zuri® decking, is an excellent choice for nontraditional decking uses because it is more comfortable than wood and reduces splinters.

What do you expect to be the most popular project?
Requests for pergolas are on the rise. Pergolas work well next to pools or as shade for an outdoor kitchen. With a pergola, you can install heating elements or a ceiling fan for comfort through all seasons. Pergolas are a good alternative to a gazebo in regions where you can’t get the roof zoned as well.

What are the advantages of composite decking?
Over the past twenty years, requests for composite decking materials, such as Zuri® decking, have continued to grow. It lasts longer, requires less maintenance and it’s usually a lower cost compared to wood. Composite decking stands up to some of the harshest environments, whether you live near saltwater, fresh water or brackish water. It’s great in humid climates or anywhere without shade.

Any advice for homeowners ready to start a project?
Start the process early and do your research. If you design your outdoor space around your lifestyle, you’ll be satisfied with the project. Ask yourself: how many parties do you have, how many holidays do you host, how do you plan to use the space with just your family? Check out different materials, what are the advantages of using composite decking over wood. Consider your climate and how the sun hits that side of your house. Incorporate elements that make your space comfortable in most conditions.

Investing in your outdoor space gives you more liveable space and can increase your home’s value. With recent, rapid increases in home values, homeowners are seeing a return on their investment a lot sooner.

Design the right deck to fit your lifestyle and you’ll use it all the time. Picture your perfect deck with the Zuri® Premium Decking visualizer here.

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