10 Exciting Home Exterior Trends to Watch in 2023

As we find our footing in 2023, home exterior trends aren’t expected to be about what’s in and what’s out, but rather what continues to be in demand and what’s fading slowly from the spotlight. Not surprisingly, pandemic-fueled projects like outdoor living are still going strong, as are mixed styles like multi-textured facades and board & batten looks. Also continuing to be top of mind: resiliency, durability and low maintenance. Even so, there’s room for a few new surprises as well.

Here are 10 home exterior trends we expect to take hold in the coming months:

Cedar Renditions Design Series 6″ Siding in Cedar Bark

Varied facades: Using multiple textures across the façade remains popular, whether by blending materials (such as stone and vinyl), profiles (such as lap siding with shake gables) or geometries (traditional forms with modern bumpouts and roofing components).

Zuri Premium Decking in Weathered Gray

Zuri Premium Decking in Weathered Gray

An evolution of outdoor living: The dramatic increase in demand for outdoor living spaces during the pandemic hasn’t slowed, as homeowners not only seek to create a sanctuary space, but an expanded footprint for entertaining. Decks are no longer just a place to hang out during the summer, they have become an extension of the home. “Homeowners want to get out of their house and have some breathing space. They want to increase their footprint with transitional pieces that take the inside to the outside. Outdoor kitchens and pergolas will trend and TVs and fire pits will be more prominent as people create not just patios and decks, but outdoor living spaces,” says Kriss Swint, Director of Marketing Communications, Westlake Royal Building Products™.

Extending its longevity is also imperative as people are staying in their homes longer and integrating the deck as a commonly occupied space. Using composite materials, like Zuri® Premium Decking, ensures a longer life and weather resistance for this bonus living room. Zuri Decking has the look and feel of real exotic hardwood, allowing homeowners to create a seamless look from interior to exterior; and extending their living space.

In addition, requests for pergolas are on the rise. Pergolas work well next to pools or as shade for an outdoor kitchen. With a pergola, you can install heating elements or a ceiling fan for comfort through all seasons. Pergolas are a good alternative to a gazebo in regions where you can’t get the roof zoned as well.

Copper: Homeowners who love the look of composite roofing are increasingly personalizing their home with copper accents, including gutters, caps, finials and snow guards. Copper is a durable and versatile material that can complement a variety of architectural styles, from traditional to modern. In addition to its visual impact, copper is a sustainable material that can help reduce a home’s carbon footprint. It is fully recyclable and has a long lifespan, which means that it can be repurposed and reused for many years. As such, using copper accents in home design is not only a stylish choice, but also an environmentally responsible one.

Black window frames: The Modern Farmhouse trend drove interest in black and dark window frames, and even as this home style begins to fade from favor (depending on whom you ask), the sleek, sophisticated look of black windows is sticking around.

TruExterior poly-ash trim in a board-and-batten style.

TruExterior poly-ash trim in a board-and-batten style.

Board & batten: With or without the Modern Farmhouse style, vertical and board & batten siding remains one of the popular home exterior trends for the full façade or as an accent.

“When board & batten products hit the marketplace, many thought their use would have regional appeal in rural and rustic areas,” Swint remarked, “But it’s now everywhere.”

Versetta Stone tight-cut stone veneer in Terra Rosa.

Versetta Stone tight-cut stone veneer in Terra Rosa.

Wildfire resistance: The rate of wildfires in the United States is growing rapidly (NOAA expects up to a six-fold increase in risk in some parts of the country by the middle of the century), so exterior roofing and cladding products that are more fire resistant are growing in importance.

For cladding, TruExterior® Siding & Trim is certified by the California Building Commission for inclusion on the Wildland-Urban Interface Zone (WUI) Products Listing, one of the strictest regulations on building products, systems and assemblies in the country. Versetta Stone® panelized stone siding has a Class A fire rating, meeting the requirements of the ASTM E 84 – fire spread & smoke test.

TruExterior custom colored poly-ash siding

TruExterior custom colored poly-ash siding

Darker colors: Dark colors have been trending for a few years, both alone and in contrast with whites and creams. Color expert Renee Labbe notes that there has been a recent shift towards using dark greens in home design. This trend can be attributed to the rising popularity of natural and sustainable materials in interior design. Dark green tones evoke a rustic and earthy feel, reminiscent of the natural world.

When using darker colors in exterior design, it is important to consider placement and changes in lighting throughout the day. Bold colors should be balanced with lighter, neutral hues so as to not overpower the overall design.

Low-maintenance materials: The desire for low-maintenance materials continues as homeowners grow older or too busy to bother with painting and staining their siding and decks. In fact, “low-maintenance/durable exteriors” was the most in-demand home exterior feature in AIA’s latest Home Design Trends Survey, with 62% of architects reporting increasing interest. Westlake Royal Building Products makes it easy to get authentic wood looks without the associated maintenance: look to clean-and-bright Kleer® and Royal® PVC trim, innovative and authentic TruExterior poly-ash siding and trim, high-performance Celect® Cellular Composite Siding, or any number of vinyl siding options including Exterior Portfolio®, Royal® Vinyl and Foundry® Specialty Siding, among others.

Contemporary stone looks: Modern styles or contemporary twists on traditional styles remain popular, even away from the coasts. Clean lines, single-sloped roofs and little ornamentation abound.

Reinvented outdoor living spaces, multi-textured façades, and the use of board-and-batten are expected to continue to trend into 2023. Homeowners will place emphasis on durability, sustainability, and performance when choosing building products to achieve these looks. To mix and match popular material trends on your home, try Westlake Royal’s new Immersive Experience.

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