Case Study: The Woodhouse Home

Cara Woodhouse is known for her unmistakable contemporary design style. Through her full-service design firm, Cara Woodhouse Interiors, and curated Instagram feed, Cara has made a name for herself designing for high-profile clients and landing features in publications such as Architectural Digest Pro, Elle Decor and Apartment Therapy. Her most important project yet: her 1960s family home in Roslyn Harbor, NY featuring Royal® Trimboard on the renovated exterior.

Cara Woodhouse of Cara Woodhouse Interiors

Roslyn Harbor, NY
Home featuring:

Royal S4S Trimboard

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Capturing Los Angeles home design aesthetics on the East Coast. 

Always drawn to the home design styles common in Los Angeles, Woodhouse hit the jackpot with her East Coast mid-century modern find, conveniently located right down the street from her brother-in-law. The home’s core architecture, untouched since the 1960s, allowed the Woodhouses to modernize the existing structure while maintaining the home’s character. Woodhouse also tried to keep as many of the original features as she could, including the original terrazzo and herringbone floors, large skylight, and a unique full bar in the family room.

“The trim has an elevated look that aligns with my design style, and is now a main feature of the house.”

The perfect look, starting with the roof.

The mid-century home’s flat roof was one of the main attractions for Woodhouse. The wood trim around the roofline was rotting, falling apart and causing leaks, so she ripped off the roof and replaced it along with the trim. “Now with our Royal® Trimboard we have a pristine, beautiful facade that changes the whole look of our exterior. We know a lot of builders and contractors who regularly use Royal products because of how well they maintain, so we trust that the look we’ve created will last.”

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