Explore the soaring curb appeal of vertical siding.

Let’s break vertical siding down in three ways.

Explore the soaring curb appeal of vertical siding.

1. Styles

Wide or narrow Board & Batten?

2. Combinations

Blend styles. Add depth.

3. Profiles

Siding types and textures.

Wide and narrow Board & Batten: two great versions of vertical

Vertical siding makes exteriors more extroverted, no matter which style you choose.

Narrow Board & Batten

5.5" Board & Batten

More traditional in nature, narrow board & batten adds a streamlined, distinctive rustic magnetism to a variety of home styles.

Vertical siding and friends.

Mixing vertical with other siding color combinations and styles isn’t crazy. It’s curb appealing.

Board & Batten

emboldens Capes and adds craft to Craftsmans.

Board & Batten

adds quirky charm to Contemporary homes.

Board & Batten

creates a curb-appealing contrast that sets a variety of homes apart.

Board & Batten, beautifully expressed.

Looking for siding that makes your home a neighborhood standout? You’ll find it in these Board & Batten styles.

Celect Board & Batten

Stunning as a gable accent on everything from French Country homes to Cottages to Farmhouses.

Insulated Board & Batten

Can you enjoy rugged weather resistance and distinguish your home with rustic character? Yes and yes.

Traditional Board & Batten

Classically attractive, streamlined and modern, it moves curb appeal in a refreshing direction.