Preserving charm
and saving sweat


As soon as they set foot in the 100-year-old historic New Glasgow, Nova Scotia home, Susan and Marty Malcolm knew it was for them. They also knew what they needed to do to preserve its character while cutting down on maintenance.

Susan and Marty Malcolm


4" Clapboard in Grove

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Living the low-maintenance life

Susan and Marty Malcolm’s original siding featured 1900s-vintage wood clapboard siding on the bottom and wood shingles on top, and it was the worse for wear. Based on their contractor’s recommendation, they replaced it with Celect® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal.® It kept the historic charm of wood siding while dramatically reducing the time spent dealing with painting, repainting, caulking and deterioration—time better spent with their children and grandchildren.

"Our contractor suggested Celect because of its rich wood appearance, durability and lack of buckling and warping."

Style and substance over time

Celect comes in 4” clapboard in Grove that faithfully captures the time period Susan and Marty wanted their home to represent. “Grove’s deep blue hue beautifully complemented the brown roof we also recently replaced,” Susan enthused. After two years, the siding “looks as fresh as the day it was done. Living on a high-traffic street, I can’t tell you how many positive remarks we get about our home.”

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