High Style, Low Maintenance


Interior designer Lisa Stretton was spending too much of her time and money repainting and repairing her home exterior. She also had enough of the woodpecker holes in her wood siding. She was ready for siding that looked and felt upscale, had lasting curb appeal and virtually eliminated her maintenance issues.

Superior discovery

Lisa considered cement board, but changed her mind due to its required maintenance and caulking. She was also concerned about the relative complexity of the cement board installation process. Her siding search ended with Celect® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal®, with its combination of wood-like aesthetics and lower overall maintenance costs. 

“The cost of Celect and wood siding was the same, except there were additional costs to paint the wood once installed, in addition to painting it every couple of years,” said Lisa. “With Celect I can take a power washer to it and clean it myself.” Plus it holds no attraction for woodpeckers.

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Rugged Elegance

Ron and Caprice Pratt worked their entire lives to have a waterside retirement home. When they finally got the opportunity to build it, they wanted to be sure their siding held up to the harsh weather and significant annual rainfall. So when it came to siding must-haves, low maintenance and durability were at the top of the list.

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