Expand your
exterior horizons with
horizontal siding.

Let’s break horizontal siding down in three ways.

Expand your <br/>exterior horizons with <br/>horizontal siding.

1. Exposures

Wide or narrow?

2. Combinations

Blend styles. Add curb appeal.

3. Profiles

Siding types and textures.

Narrow vs. wide: yes, it matters.

Siding exposure (or height) is about style, scale and history. Pretty important stuff.

Wide Lap Siding

> 5” high panels

Wide Lap Siding

> 5” high panels

Wider exposures can add scale and a confident, straightforward presence to smaller homes of any style.

Horizontal siding and friends.

Mixing horizontal with siding color combinations and styles is not against the law. It’s for visual depth and curb appeal.


adds depth to the simple symmetrical spaces of American Four Squares.


introduces contrast, vitality and expansiveness to Cottages.


adds charming distinction and textural pop to Farmhouses.

Different styles and textures of charm.

Clean, contemporary, rustic or traditional, there’s a horizontal siding to express it.

7" Clapboard

Our wider clapboard profile conveys a contemporary, self-assured energy to smaller cottagelike homes.

Double 4"

Used on the main sections of many architectural styles to project traditional warmth.


Embellishes on the old world, handcrafted charm and easy elegance of Colonial homes.