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Eclectic homes take design cues from a variety of historical styles – mingling architectural features from Cape Cods, Colonials, Craftsman, Tudor and even Victorian homes.

Eclectic Style Notes

  • Wears multiple design influences well, from Craftsman to Victorian
  • Decorative elements like door and window trim are some of the most distinguishing elements of this home style 
  • Accommodates a wide range of roof pitches 
  • One of the most popular home styles in the United States

The Eclectic home style is more a conglomeration of traits than a collection of definitive features. Why? Because it takes its design cues from architecture as far-ranging as Cape Cod, Craftsman and Colonial. Depending on the home size and siding variety, this architecture style is versatile enough to live comfortably with window and door trim that’s ornate or simple.

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