Exterior color covers more than the outside of a house. It covers bigger things, like curb appeal, resale value, mood and self-expression. Our 2019 Color Trend of the Year is simultaneously serene, timeless and bracing. It’s versatile enough to serve as a background to bold contrasts and warm neutrals. Most of all, it gives us something compellingly cool and comforting to escape into.

Slatescape lives as a strong color statement in Storm for Royal® Vinyl Siding, Oceanside for Exterior Portfolio® Vinyl Siding and Coastline for Celect® Cellular Composite Siding.


Inspiration expressed in three sample palettes
Royal Building Products:

Cool Dawn

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Royal Color Trend of the Year

Refreshing balance and cool sophistication define our Cool Dawn palette. This crisp combination of bright and dark colors makes its presence felt on Cape Cods, Craftsmans and a range of other home styles.

Our Equinox palette combines stately, neutral and heroic colors to create a simultaneously cool, warm and magnetic kind of curb appeal. The result is fresh and charming.

Exterior Portfolio:


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Exterior Portfolio Color Trend of the Year

Celect Cellular Composite Siding:

Lake House

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Celect Color Trend of the Year

In our Lake House palette, cool Coastline, deep Chocolate and refreshing Oceana shades conspire to create an earthy, vibrant energy all their own.



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