Our proprietary color protection: Imagine sunblock for your siding.




Chomatix™ Technology



Out of all the energy that comes into contact with siding, visible light makes up only about 43% of it. Not only does Royal make beautiful siding colors that please the eye, we also engineer our products to handle the energy that the eye does not see. On one end of the spectrum, we protect our siding from the ultraviolet (UV) light, which can fade siding color pigments. We use a proprietary UV formulation to minimize fade, which allows us to warrant the product to 3 Hunter units of fade.



On the other end of the spectrum is infrared energy, or heat. This can ultimately distort siding. Our pigments reflect some of that energy off the siding, reducing heat buildup to help keep our darker colors cooler. When you combine this with our advanced manufacturing system to minimize stresses, you get a product that looks great, resists fade and performs well on the wall.

infrared energy or heat on exterior of home
How our colors fend off the elements day after day

Warranted to fade less so dark colors stay true.



We understand the importance of effortlessly maintaining the look you create in a challenging outdoor environment. And, we back it up with an industry-leading Warranty. What you get is rich, true color that raises curb appeal.



Things to remember about our Chromatix™ technology color protection:



  • Featured in our richer, darker shades
  • Proprietary infrared-reflecting pigments reduce heat buildup
  • Warranted to fade less so dark colors stay true