Welcome the Holidays with DIY Winter Door Mats

Homemade projects are a wonderful way to ring in the holiday season, and a great place to start is by making a cheerful DIY winter door mat. From festive phrases to seasonal scenes, you can deck out your porch with a custom-made welcome mat in as little as 20 minutes! Here’s how.


  • A plain doormat – can be purchased at any major home retailer such as Home Depot or Target
  • Outdoor acrylic paint or spray paint – one bottle for each color in your design
  • Paint brushes (if using acrylic paint) – “sponge” paint brushes work great, or old brushes with hard bristles
  • Mat design
  • Scissors or X-Acto knife
  • Tape or spray-on adhesive


  • Select a design and cut as needed, creating a stencil
  • Lay stencil flat on your mat, securing in place with tape or spray-on adhesive
  • Using paint colors of your choice, apply or spray paint to fill in the stencil
  • If using acrylic paint, do not stroke on paint, rather blot it on for maximum coverage
  • Start with darker colors first and layer on lighter colors last
  • Let air dry for 20 minutes

Ready to get started? Pinterest also has a wide assortment of printable designs for year-round welcome mat customization.

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