Online Design Tools: Plan and Preview Before You Commit

Remodeling our home exteriors is rewarding, exciting, and, depending on the scope of the project, even life altering. It can also be stressful and confusing. There are so many options to weigh—from siding and trim to materials and colors.

That’s where online design tools come in. They allow us to try things out before we need to commit. They enable us to match inspiration with exploration, and they make our exterior design ideas and dreams as accessible as our tablets.

Royal® Building Products has created a number of online design tools that let homeowners customize virtually every part of their exteriors. HomePlay™ Prime for Celect® Cellular Exteriors by Royal, for example, helps homeowners experiment with different siding styles, window and door trim, and even shutters.

Exterior design considerations.

Siding: Choose the type, style, and color carefully. HomePlay Prime lets you choose from 4” or 7” horizontal, shake and shingles, or board and batten siding styles, as well as stone accents. Learn more about different siding profiles here.

Front doors: This is one of the main focal points of your home exterior, so make sure it complements your siding style and color. Nature-inspired hues are trending and easy to match to bolder siding color choices.

House trim: It’s an essential accessory that completes the look you establish with your other home exterior elements. More specifically, it highlights the personality of any home style. For example, crown moulding complements the more formal features of a Colonial home. A simpler, more modern style of trim will bring a Craftsman exterior to life.

Windows and doors are the most welcoming aspects of your exterior, and adding trim to these areas only accentuates their charm. Use wider trim on corners to elegantly frame and highlight not just windows and doors, but gables, eaves and porch entryways. Subtly ornate trim is perfect for Cape Cods, while more streamlined trim keeps the design flowing on Modern and Craftsman-style homes.

Trim color is another important consideration. Your siding is the largest field of color on your home, so use it as a guide in choosing complementary trim colors. Want to make your home look larger? Choose monochromatic colors that don’t stray too far from your siding color. Select bolder, darker complementary colors to bring attention to windows, doors and other areas. Also, keep in mind colors that appeal to you on the interior of your home.

How to make the most of HomePlay Prime.

  • Use the online design tool to mix and match a variety of design options around your home.
  • Choose from an array of pre-selected houses that match your home’s architecture or upload a photo of your own home to be mapped for virtual design. Use promo code “prime2015”.
  • If you’re building a new home, blueprint elevations can be mapped so you can preview your exterior directly from the building plans.

LiveAbode Infographic

Give HomePlay Prime or another online design tool a try and start designing your dream home.
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