Interior Trim – Crown Moulding, Door & Window Casing

Coordinating your crown moulding, window and door casings.

Crown moulding and casings were created to frame, define and showcase the most prominent features of a room: the ceiling, windows and doors. Individually, they bring out the unique personality of each room. But when working in unison, either through design features or colors, the effect is quite dramatic.

Crown moulding, window and door casing can do amazing things together.



Few interior trim design elements lend as much timeless character and distinction to a room as effectively as crown moulding. It’s a transitional element between the top of your wall and your ceiling that works best when matched to the door and window casing around it. Because of the proximity between these elements, matching their styles and widths ties a room together, and when matched from room to room, ties an entire home together.

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Here are a few ways to make sure these three types of moulding work together to bring the best out of your interior:

Account for ceiling height.

Adjust crown moulding, window and door casing trim widths to your ceiling height. Rule of thumb: Standard 8-foot-high ceilings match well with crown/cornice heights between 2½ and 6 inches; 9-foot ceilings are proportional to 3 to 7½ inch-crowns and 10-foot ceilings and 3½ to 8 inch crowns were made for each other.

When you incorporate your casings, use these same proportions for a truly finished look.

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Consider home style, and most importantly, your style.

When you add the right trim and coordinate it smartly, you’re transforming something blah into something architecturally dynamic. Ask yourself what you want to say about your home and your personality.

Do you wish to convey bold detail without too much ornament? Consider crown moulding and door and window casings in the Colonial style.

Are your architecture and furnishings in the simple, functional style of a Craftsman or Modern-style home? Choose moulding and casings with a sleek, flat profile.

Are you also thinking about how to coordinate your chair railing, wainscoting and baseboards? We are. Learn more about these other aspects of your room harmony.


Let the home style tips come to you.