Inspiring Ways to Add Interior Trim Featuring @LivingWithLey

With cooler fall weather comes more time indoors. Like many homeowners, you may have spent the summer enjoying your outdoor space, but now you’re looking at your home’s interior with a fresh perspective.

Adding texture to interior surfaces can give a room more depth and add dimension to traditionally flat surfaces. One of our favorite DIYers, Leyla from @LivingWithLey, used Westlake Royal Building Products™ Trim and Mouldings to accent multiple rooms of her home in creative ways, and we loved the finished product.


Get inspired with these creative ways to add interior trim to your home.

Did you originally plan to install trim and mouldings in just one room? What room did you start with and how did you expand?
Originally, I had planned to add trim and mouldings details throughout various rooms in my home. I absolutely love the timeless detail that mouldings bring – and the ways in which you can personalize the profiles and designs to make it unique. I started with my bathroom since that was a smaller area, in case things went south! Luckily, that wasn’t the case – and I ended up getting hooked with trim & mouldings DIY projects.

How did you prepare for your installation? In what ways did you incorporate box mouldings into each room in different ways?
I first learned all about trim installation from other amazing DIY social media accounts! For my project, I followed a similar design across the various rooms – but I played around with the different styles. In some rooms, I used single box designs, and in others I used a double box design. The installation is very beginner friendly and requires either a saw or hand held miter shears for the cuts, and a nail gun for the installation.

PRO TIP: The key is to make your cuts at 45 degree angles.

Where did you hear about Westlake Royal Building Products™ Trim and Mouldings?
I first learned about Westlake Royal Building Products™ from trips to my local Lowe’s. The materials were readily available and I was able to buy everything I needed for the installation.

What was your top reason for choosing WRBP trim and moulding?
I spent time comparing the various materials and profiles. For moulding options, I knew I wanted to move forward with PVC. Westlake Royal™ has tons of PVC profiles – and I found the profile that was perfect for my home.

PRO TIP: PVC is a game-changer for trim and moulding.

Westlake Royal Trim & Moulding is versatile and paintable. Check out the creative colors Leyla painted her interior trim.

How else could you use Westlake Royal™ Trim and Mouldings in your home? What other projects do you have planned?
In addition to wainscotting and box mouldings designs, I’ve used Westlake Royal™ for window trim casing projects. I plan to use their products for baseboard installations too!

What do you think of the end result? Would you recommend Westlake Royal™ Trim & Mouldings for others?
Absolutely! I’ve used Westlake Royal™ for almost all of my mouldings projects and will continue to do so.

As homeowners migrate from outdoors to indoors, make your home’s interior your new canvas for DIY projects. Westlake Royal Building Products™ trim and moulding is an easy way to accent walls, add dimension to flat surfaces and give your home’s interior some timeless texture.

For this project, Leyla used unfinished PVC base cap moulding available at Lowe’s.

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