How to Build a Patio Cooler Stand Using Leftover Decking

Looking to put your leftover decking materials to good use? A patio cooler stand makes a great weekend DIY project. The number of boards you’ll need will depend on the desired size and height of your cooler. We used Zuri® Premium Decking by Royal® and included the measurements below for easy reference.


  • Styrofoam cooler
  • Leftover decking boards (slats and L-shaped pieces)*
  • 1 set of 2 1/2″ zinc narrow hinges
  • 1.5” nails
  • Zinc handle

*We used 5.5”x1”x96” slats of Zuri as a baseline for all of the below materials. Keep in mind that board sizes vary and can expand or contract due to varying climates.

22”/5.5” Slat Zuri board 6 Front and back panels for cooler body
17”/5.5” Slat Zuri board 6 Side panels for cooler body
20”/5.5” Slat Zuri board 6 Lid and bottom of cooler body
38” L-shaped Zuri board 6 Legs
14” L-shaped Zuri board 2 Brace for lid interior


Step 1

Measure and cut the wood that will surround the cooler. Measure and pre-drill pilot holes for connecting your boards together.

table saw

Step 2

Build a rectangular box using the wood you measured for the front, side and bottom panels. Insert 1.5” screws into pre-drilled pilot holes. Repeat process for the other two cooler body segments. Build the bottom of the cooler on one of the building project with wood

Step 3

Align your three boxes. Pre-drill one hole in each of the side panels to align with desired leg placement.

man using drill on wood

Step 4

Line up L-shaped decking pieces so the edges are flush with the top of the cooler body. Using a Phillips head screwdriver or drill attachment, carefully connect the L-shaped legs to the cooler body using 1.5” screws.

man putting together wood project

Step 5

Align the slats needed to form the lid of the cooler holder. Use smaller pieces to create cross braces to connect your lid pieces.

drill and wood pieces

Step 6

On the topmost front panel, measure down 1” and install a lid stopper using a 4” section of decking.

screwdriver and wood

Step 7

Screw hinges into the body of the cooler.

screwdriver and hinges

Step 8

Screw the handle to the lid.screwdriver and handles

Step 9

Drop in your cooler, fill with ice and your favorite summer beverages. Enjoy!

man and woman standing by cooler

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