Designing Your Fall Front Porch

Autumn is by far one of my favorite seasons! Everything from the changing leaves, the crisp weather, and the fact that you get to decorate with elements straight from nature…hello pumpkins!

One of the best parts about this season, for me, is decorating the front porch of our home! I am a firm believer that curb appeal speaks volumes about your home. It’s the first impression people get, and as we know, it’s always wise to make a great first impression. We like our home to be welcoming, warm, and simplistically attractive.

Prepping the Steps

black front door layered welcome mat candles

My front porch steps are cement and they were looking pretty rugged and stained, and not in a good way. We decided to paint them with cement paint and are so pleased with the result. For our autumn decor theme this year I knew I wanted the pumpkins to pop, so painting the porch white was the way to go.

Adding Ombré Appeal

pumpkin stairs little girl

I wanted the decor to look soft, relaxed, and pretty—not too proper and staged. That’s why I opted to go with pumpkins that were naturally colored orange, peach, and white. I thought about painting pumpkins in these tones to give a more dramatic effect, which I also think would look super pretty on the steps, but at the end of the day I wanted to stay true to my design style. So relaxed and natural beat out the structured and manicured look!

It took me a few pumpkin patches to find just the pumpkins I needed to accomplish this look, but all those trips were worth it. I love the end result and the subtle yet dramatic look these ombré steps radiate.

The Finishing Touches

pumpkins on porch stairs

This year, I wanted to play off the relaxed pumpkin feel in our signage, too. What better than a cute little llama to do the job? Seeing this gal’s face as I walk up my steps literally makes me smile. To me she subtly says, “happy fall”, without being too seasonally trendy, which in turn makes me very happy. I also found this amazing hanging pendant you can put a candle inside. It was just the chic touch I was looking for to pair with our relaxed llama print! Another stylish element I added was this cozy chair. I love being able to sit out here with some hot chai tea on a crisp night.

It’s been so lovely having you follow along on our 2018 fall front porch decorating post. Thanks for being here. We are so blessed to have you! Happy fall, friends!

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