Curb Appeal Feeling a Little Off? Some Questions to Consider

After the front porch has been swept, the paint has dried and the flowers have been deadheaded, you may step back to admire your work and feel your home’s curb appeal is still lacking. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what is off about your home. Go across the street and check it out from a distance, then snap a photo. Keep the picture handy, go through this checklist and see if any of these smart curb appeal investments will help your home look more inviting.

Are the architectural details the right scale and style?

Classic columns on the front porch, windows on the sides of the door (sidelights) and an eyebrow dormer are charming touches that make this front door all the more inviting. Your porch posts may be out of scale, or that contemporary door may be out of whack with your traditional home. Analyze each detail and see if they complement the house.

House Walkway


Is the front door neat and clean?

The most important thing is that it is crisply painted and clean.
If you have sidelights or transoms, make sure you clean them weekly, inside and out. Coordinate lanterns or outdoor sconces, great hardware, house numbers and a door knocker with your home’s style. These final touches make a big impact.

Entryway Home


Is the trim giving your house the proper punctuation?

If your house is channeling the blahs, refresh your trim. Perhaps your white could look crisper or your window trim is calling for a color that stands out. Sometimes dark panes that contrast with the outer trim are the answer. If you’re struggling with a color choice, I can’t recommend working with a color consultant enough.

Home Entryway


Is your front path clear and inviting?

A clear view and access to the front door are key; you don’t want visitors being snagged by thorns or tripping. Create a walkway from the sidewalk to the front door that will keep your postal carrier happy.

Modern Entryway


Do your shutters fit your window size?

If your home’s facade is bumming you out, check out your shutters. Are they smaller than your windows? Nailed to the siding? Shutters were made to cover windows and hang on hinges. Find a form that follows this function (or make them at least appear to be functional) and that goes with the style of your home.

Vertical Garage Home


Do your accessories go with your home’s style?

This woodsy cabin’s charming bucket of logs and wreath suit it well, while if you’re near the beach, you may want something coastal.

Festive Entryway


Do you need some life out there?

Whether ferns or colorful flowers, hanging plants, window boxes and potted plants are easy-to-add touches that give miles of curb appeal.

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