• Siding & Exterior Shutters
    The curb appeal, durability, energy efficiency of Royal’s exterior siding and shutters will change what’s possible for you and your home.
  • Window & Door Profiles
    Our window and door profiles don’t just turn heads, they drive the market. At Royal, we work with industry leaders to provide window and door systems that not only look great, but perform like no other.
  • Exterior Trim & Moulding
    You really can have it all. Our 100% cellular exterior trim and mouldings are simple to install, low maintenance, termite proof and guaranteed never to rot for life.
  • Pipe & Fittings
    Royal Pipe & Fittings are recognized for the highest quality in the industry for a reason. We’ve set the standard for over 40 years and counting.
  • Interior Mouldings
    The luxury of choice is yours with Royal. We are the largest manufacturer of decorative interior mouldings, so finding your personal style is just a visit away.