Letter from the Editor

Happy New Year! As we usher in 2018, I’ve been thinking about what the New Year will bring – specifically as it relates to exterior design and which trends will rise to the top. Here are a few that I’m predicting will be hot in the categories of color, design and DIY for the year.


Dark bold colors, rich hues and cool neutrals will continue to dominate the exterior design space. Color is always a big deal for us at LiveAbode and this year will be no different! Stay tuned for the reveal of our Color Palette of the Year and how you can creatively infuse more color into your outdoor space in 2018.


Mixing two to three different textures and/or colors is a standard rule of thumb when it comes to designing and we’re going to see even more of it in 2018. We’ll show you ways to infuse this year’s color palette into everything from your eaves and gables to your doors and shutters. And we won’t forget about all of those outdoor accessories like patio furniture, throw pillows and even landscaping!

Taking on a home improvement project this year like replacing your windows? One trend to keep your eye out for is a move away from bright white windows to windows in dark brown and gray. Another trend to watch for is adding crown moulding or wider trim around your windows. And instead of opting for the standard white trim, we’re seeing homeowners’ make more of a bold statement by adding a pop of color around their windows – like dark charcoal or brown.


DIYs are here to stay. We crowned 2017 as the year of the DIY and it’s a trend with sticking power! We shared several easy and fun DIYs to add outdoor curb appeal to your space in 2017, and we’ll share even more this coming year. Keep an eye out!

We look forward to diving deeper into these trends and more with you this year. Let’s cheers to an exciting new year of exterior design inspiration!

Kriss Swint, Managing Editor

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