How to Update Your Driveway for Maximum Curb Appeal

Having a beautiful driveway adds curb appeal to your exterior. It is the first impression you make on visitors as they approach your home. Why not take advantage of a functional part of your home and have it add beauty to your overall exterior?

Here are some ways to add simple details that add maximum curb appeal.

Natural Appeal

designed brick walkway

Using river rock as both a garden bed and driveway edging. It is easy to replenish and gives a natural, more organic look to the front of the home.

Address Posts

address post with hanging flower basket

Adding a simple address post with a hanging basket creates instant design. This is an easy weekend project and the basket can be changed out for variety and seasonality.
– Joe Murphy, Interior Design Specialist at The Shower Head Store

Add Landscaping

stone driveway with bushes

Plant trees, shrubbery or flowers along the sides of the driveway. Ornamental trees lining the driveway are a great way to give your driveway a “designed” look and catch the eye of your visitors. Be sure to plant them far enough back that limbs don’t scratch vehicles.

Flowers are also a fantastic addition to your driveway landscaping. While flower beds are a nice way to spruce up your lawn, they can also be placed along both sides of your driveway offering that extra pop of color along the point of entry.

Turn the Lights On

lighted stone driveway

Outdoor lighting is very important to your home’s exterior. Not only does it provide wonderful curb appeal, but a well-lit driveway provides safety and security at night. Consider adding some lights along the perimeter of your driveway for additional visual interest in the evening when other elements such as flowers and foliage will be less visible.

Upgrade to a Luxury Driveway

stone driveway double brown door driveway

To really beautify your exterior, consider upgrading your driveway using cobblestone or pavers. They require a greater investment in materials and labor, but they provide the most curb appeal and can last 100 years or more.

Concrete Stamping

Concrete stamping is a newer design trend for driveways and walkways. Stamped concrete driveways give you a vast array of decorative options not possible with other paving materials. At a lower cost than cobblestone or pavers, stamped concrete allows you to choose different stain options and can give the illusion of cobblestone, brick, natural slate and field stone.
– Alessandro Mannino, home and neighborhood improvement expert with NeighborWho

Whether you’re ready for a complete driveway renovation or some simple updates, giving your driveway some love can make a significant improvement to your home’s exterior design and curb appeal.

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