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Two “Must Try” Recipes for Your Independence Day Party

In addition to great company and conversation, here are two recipes that are sure to keep the 4th of July party going at your place. Or your neighbor’s.

How I Transformed My Bedroom Ceiling with Shiplap

I have come to realize that PVC shiplap is the ultimate solution to covering up all the unsightly things that come along with an old home: dated tile, old wallpaper, popcorn ceilings, or in my case an unfinished ceiling.

Why I Renovated My Bathroom Using Shiplap

Shiplap is a versatile and attractive option for adding texture, dimension and interest to a space, and in recent years, it has become quite a household name. When I came across Royal® Building Products PVC Shiplap I immediately knew it was the perfect remedy for my dated pink bathroom tile.

The bathroom in our 140-year-old fixer-upper hadn’t seen an update (I’m guessing) since the ‘60s. It had pink ceramic tile and gross linoleum floors — with countertops to match! The wall paint was peeling due to poor ventilation and the entire space felt dingy and extremely cluttered.

How to DIY a Shiplap Entryway Bench

Shiplap is such a fun material to work with and it isn’t just for walls anymore!

This hall tree made from Royal® Building Products’ PVC Shiplap is simple, eye-catching and can easily be completed in one day.

The best part of this fun DIY is the customization options that can be put into it!

3 Creative (and Simple!) DIY Christmas Card Displays

The holiday season is my absolute favorite time of year. To me, it’s about more than presents. It’s about presence—the presence of the spirit of love and joy in the air and the presence of family and friends, both near and far.

Grow the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Every gardener loves to share their garden with others, whether you’re bringing them freshly cut flowers or a basket of homegrown tomatoes. But what about sharing the actual plants in your garden? From roses to rosemary, propagating plants — an inexpensive way to produce new plants from cuttings of your own established plants — is simple and fun. It’s also a great way to share a piece of your garden with your friends and family. Cuttings and propagated cuttings make for a thoughtful gift that you can create at home for little to no money at all.

How to Grow Fresh Herbs All Winter (In Any Climate!)

Gathering around the table for a delicious meal with good friends and family is one of the longest standing holiday traditions. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner or bringing your favorite dish to a potluck, using fresh herbs from your garden can enhance any recipe. Fresh herbs from the market are often just as delicious, but what’s more convenient than having a selection of fresh herbs growing just outside your door or right on your kitchen counter? And when was the last time you bought a bunch of fresh sage or rosemary and used the entire thing before it went bad? Having an herb garden allows you to harvest just as much as you need for your recipe.

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