6 Ways to Go Green With Your Home Design

Welcome to The Green Issue! Spring has sprung, so whether you’re looking to bring more plants into your life, get inspired by green color palettes, or incorporate environmentally-friendly design features into your home, this issue has something refreshing for everyone.

6 Ways to Go Green with Your Home Design

This spring, we’re thinking big when it comes to “going green” and giving you some out-of-the-box ways to incorporate green products, palettes, and more into your home. Keep reading for green ideas to fuel your next home project or renovation!

Choose sustainable products

When planning a project or renovation, there are two ways to approach selecting sustainable materials. The first is to focus on minimizing your impact on the environment, and the second is to focus on making your home as energy efficient as possible. Some materials check just one box, while others may check both. It all depends on what your priorities are and what your budget allows!

We recommend checking out Haven® or CraneBoard® insulated vinyl siding for peak energy efficiency in your home, and Celect® siding for beautiful, durable siding made of recyclable materials.

Read our article on sustainable products from Royal® Building Products for more ideas and inspiration to get you started!

Choose from a green palette

Incorporating the color green into your home can help create a sense of grounding thanks to its close ties to nature. A mix of blue and yellow, green can provide the calming effect of blue while infusing energy from tones of yellow. When considering greens for your home you have your pick of soft and subtle shades, as well as bold and bright shades. It can be overwhelming! We’ve made it easy to decide on your favorites with our article on green color palettes to freshen up your home.

Invest in alternative energy sources

An increasingly popular way to go green when designing or redesigning a home is to make the switch to an alternative energy source. This option used to be reserved for luxury or off-grid homes, but as technology increasingly advances homeowners are able to invest in these environmentally friendly options. Some common examples include rooftop solar panels, solar powered water heaters, and solar powered air conditioners.

A good place to start is to research what might be affordably offered in your area. For example, there are companies in some parts of the U.S. that will rent solar panels or offer a payment plan to make it a more affordable option.

Whatever you decide, incorporating alternative energy into your home is a huge win if you’re looking to decrease your impact on the planet.

Bring plants into your home design

Indoor plants have been trending for a while, but maybe you haven’t taken the leap to include them in your home decor. If you’re nervous about your ability to keep them alive and thriving, check out our article on the six best houseplants for beginners. If you want to decorate with them but don’t know where to start, our article on how to make over a room using plants is for you!

Houseplants are useful for more than just aesthetics, too! If you pick the right plants, they can even purify the air in your home. Adding plants to your decor can help you “go green” in more ways than one!

Upcycling & DIY

When you’re working on a renovation or home improvement project, leftover building materials are inevitable. Instead of throwing them away, put those leftovers to use with a DIY project that enhances your home even further! Over the years we’ve shared a few projects we think you’ll love:

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If you make any of these projects with your leftover PVC boards or decking (or come up with your own creative DIY project using your leftover materials), tag us in a photo on Instagram so we can see the finished product!

Upgrade your outdoor spaces

Outdoor living is popular right now as more homeowners look to balance outdoor and indoor living with seamless designs, and increase home value and livable space. Focus your attention on the green space behind your home to increase the value of your house and create more opportunities for gathering with friends and family. If you’re looking for inspiration to get you started, check out these decks to inspire your backyard makeover, and this stunning backyard studio build by actor Tanc Sade.

Let the home style tips come to you.