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5 Tips for Hosting a Vision Board Party

January 7, 2019

After the holidays, we all need an opportunity to start fresh! We’ve spent the last few months indulging in delicious foods, enjoying time away from the office and spending a few extra dollars on gifts for others…and maybe a few for ourselves! As much as the holiday season brings tons of joy, the New Year is an opportunity to refocus our minds on goals and plans for what we want to accomplish. Enter: The Vision Board.

A vision board is a physical, visual tool for making concrete plans for what you want to get done. A vision board is a level up from a resolution. A vision board gives you a physical reminder of where you want to focus your efforts and time during the upcoming year.

A vision board party can be a great way to join in with friends and share inspiration and goals as you all have fun building out your personal goals for the new year. With National Vision Board Day coming up soon, I’m excited to share a few tips for hosting your own vision board party. This party is not hard to put together, but it’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun as you talk with friends about your dreams and goals for the future!

Make an IG-worthy backdrop

Whenever friends come over, there should definitely be a fun IG-worthy photo opp! It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. To the contrary, by keeping the backdrop simple, you and your friends will the stars of each photograph!

For my photo backdrop, I made a paper banner accented with a few paper fans. You can pick up the supplies for each of these at most craft stores. I’m particularly partial to the paper fans by My Mind’s Eye, and when it comes to making a custom banner, I often reach for my Cricut Explore cutting machine to cut each of the letters.

Tip: Use artist canvases

While you’re at the craft store picking up supplies for your backdrop, grab a few artists canvases as the canvas for each person’s vision board. Artist’s canvases come in a variety of sizes and they are pretty affordable. They are also lightweight, so you can pile on as much inspiration as you want!

For the party, set up the canvases on easels to add some height to your table. You can also designate each person’s seat with a custom placemat! I printed my placemats at home, but you can also buy paper placemats at stationery shops like Paper Source.

Tip: Everyone brings a magazine

Magazines are by far the most popular material for creating vision boards. You and your guests can page through each one to find images and words that align with your goals for the year. As the party host, it can be a little expensive to go out and buy a bunch of magazines…so instead, invite each of your guests to bring two or three magazines! This way, you’ll have plenty to choose from without having to spend a ton of money.

Another great tip about magazines: reach for the magazines with a health, fitness or design focus. Even if your goals for the year don’t have anything to do with health, fitness or design, I’ve found that these types of magazines have lots of inspirational words, quotes and images that can work on most any vision board!

Tip: Add some craft supplies to the mix

Even with the magazines on hand, it can be nice to add a few other decorative elements to your vision party!

Of course, you’ll want to supply each guest with a pair of scissors and some glue, but you can also grab a few other crafty supplies like scrapbook stickers, paper ephemera, alphabet stickers and journaling cards. I love using the journaling cards as part of the party decor—like I did with the wooden hands centerpiece. This way, your guests can grab them right off the table and use them in their vision board.

You’ll also want to have some pens on hand so each person can add their own personal touch with handwritten notes.

Tip: Keep your vision board realistic!

Once you’re settled in to make your vision board, keep your goals realistic! Personally, I love to think of two or three goals I want to achieve throughout the year. That’s it. Anything more starts feeling lofty and the whole point of a vision board is to give you inspiration to make meaningful changes in your life! If your vision board starts feeling too cluttered, it’s probably because you’re getting overzealous with your plans!

Also, by keeping your vision board simple, you’re more likely to display it in your home…and after all, it’s called a “VISION” board…which means you should probably be able to SEE it!

Happy vision boarding!!