Home is everything

Now more than ever, your home is a sanctuary for all kinds of expression. It’s your place to think, dream and do. Royal celebrates the special qualities of home 24/7 and all year round. Explore these projects for some real DIY inspiration, with PVC trim boards and supplies available online through your local retailer. 

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DIY Flower Box

House your perennials and flowering shrubs in a flower box you can craft with weather-resistant PVC trim boards.

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Board & Batten Shutters

Make your windows and entire exterior stand out by creating your own shutters. Put it all together with commonly used materials and our PVC trim boards.

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Pet Bowl Stand

Use our PVC trim boards to boost your pet’s eating and comfort level. Create an elevated pet bowl stand in just a few simple steps.

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Historic Entry Renovation

Gain entry to historic charm with the strikingly elegant lattice trim patterns of our PVC Decorative Mouldings.

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DIY Bathroom Shiplap

Use our easy-to-install waterproof PVC Shiplap to add clean, compelling dimension to your bathroom.

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