Always have their color with
Celect® Canvas Cellular Composite Siding

Celect Canvas Siding is paintable, which means it gives homeowners their favorite thing when it comes to color: choice. It's available in thousands of shades that fall within recommended light reflectance (LRV) ratings, which includes exterior vinyl-safe paint rated 50 and above on the LRV 0-100 scale. To account for Celect Shake's expansion and contraction, the entire front side and lap joints need to be painted before they're installed.

Color Fan Deck

Thousands of customizable colors

Siding Profiles

A distinctive selection of home-defining profiles

Interlocking Joints

Patented interlocking joints keep moisture out

No other siding matches Celect Canvas.

Celect Canvas stands apart from every other siding out there—from durability to design versatility to worry-free maintenance.


  • Stands up to impact even under the harshest weather conditions
  • Wind resistance to over 210 mph
  • Patented interlocking joints adjust to natural expansion and contraction
  • No delamination: no gaps, warping, buckling or wavy lines


  • Customized curb appeal with thousands of color choices
  • All the profile options of Celect Cellular Composite Siding

Low Maintenance

  • Interlocking joints eliminate gaps between boards seen in comparable products
  • Cellular PVC material resists dirt, seasonal staining and insects
  • No need to caulk and recaulk like fiber cement