Social Media Tips & Tricks

  • Building social media relationships: one of your most important projects.

    Relax. Having a social media presence doesn’t mean you have to hire a dedicated professional siding and moulding trivia blogging team. However, as a building professional it pays to be perceived by your target customer as a reliable, approachable, believable resource for—depending on your specialty—building, installation and design information and expertise. 

    Choose your social media outlet wisely.

    If you’re not sure which social media outlet makes the most sense, think about how you (and the customers you want to reach) communicate. Eager to share frequent brief updates? Try Twitter. Less frequent but still active sharing of customer rewards, news and photos of exciting new projects? Facebook works. Really amazing evidence of recently finished beauty? Picture it on Pinterest. Brief how-to videos and customer testimonials? YouTube is huge.

    Remember, social media for building professionals is the closest thing to meeting a customer. So no matter which social media channel you choose, take off your building industry hat and think about how you would sit down and chat with a customer over coffee. Keep it friendly and straightforward.

    Other ways to think in social media:

    • Get everyone in your business involved: Stockpile ideas and photos for future posts and updates so you don’t feel the pressure of coming up with something fresh every day.
    • Keep your message focused: Less is most definitely more in social media.
    • Make deals and offers “social media exclusive”: Drive your customers to rewards they can only find if they like your business on Facebook, for example.
    • Inform before you sell: Social media users immediately know the difference, so stick to how-to tips and timely, helpful responses to questions.


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