• Soffits

    Our crowning touch takes a bow. Talk about giving your home the royal treatment. Okay, we’ll talk about it. Our soffits protect the hard-to-paint areas of your roof rafters by showing mold and mildew the door. They increase ventilation to your attic, which comes in handy if you do more than store old clothes up there. And there’s no denying their lofty design power: Our soffits help tie together the whole look of your home exterior. Don’t overlook any of our soffit varieties.



    Traditional Soffits

    Versatile design matches virtually every type of siding and exterior accessory.
    Available in 17 colors
    Triple 4 Soffit: Solid
    Triple 4 Soffit: Perforated
    Triple 4 Soffit: Basket Weave
    Triple 4 Soffit: Center Basket
    Triple 4 Soffit: Center Perforated
    Double 5 Soffit: Solid
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    Heavy Gauge Soffit 122x88

    Heavy Gauge Soffits

    Built extra thick to withstand warping, buckling and sagging. Beautiful woodgrain finish.
    Available in 1 color
    Double 5 Heavy Gauge Soffit: Solid
    Double 5 Heavy Gauge Soffit: Perforated

    Hidden Vent Soffits

    Perforations repel bugs. Special finish keeps stains away. Popular shades attract looks.
    Available in 8 colors
    Triple 3 Hidden Vent Soffit

    Designer Beaded Panel Soffits

    Classic beaded panels create an elegant, clean finish. Choose solid or vented pattern.
    Available in 7 colors
    Designer Beaded Panel Soffit: Solid
    Designer Beaded Panel Soffit: Vented

    Vinyl Pro Economical Soffits

    Natural-looking finishes and popular styles match well with broad variety of exteriors.
    Available in 1 color
    Triple 4: Solid
    Triple 4: Basket Weave
    Triple 4: Center Basket Weave
    Triple 4: Perforated
    Triple 4: Center Perforated
    Double 5: Solid
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