Warranties & Care

  • What do our siding warranties cover and how?

    Get warranty smarter: Download the warranty document appropriate for your siding selection.

    Premium Warranty (U.S.)  

    • Royal Woodland®
    • Select® Laminates
    • Haven® Insulated Siding


    Standard Warranty (U.S.)  

    • Residential®
    • Royal® Crest


    Premium Warranty (Canada)  

    • Royal® Woodland
    • Royal® Estate™
    • Haven® Insulated Siding


    Standard Warranty (Canada)  

    • Residential®
    • Royal Crest®

    Portsmouth™ Shake & Shingles Siding Warranty

    Royal AlumiPro Warranty

    Register your siding product warranty or file a warranty claim here.

    Warranty Registration Form

    Vinyl Warranty Claim Form

    Aluminum Warranty Claim Forms


    Siding care and cleaning tip: Enjoy your weekend.

    You’ve likely chosen or are thinking about choosing one of our virtually maintenance-free siding products because you’d rather not spend your weekend repainting or restaining.


    How to keep your siding beautiful:

    • Hose it down or wait for heavy rain.
    • To clean a little deeper and make your siding even prettier, just use one of those long-handled or adjustable extension brushes you use on your car.
    • Make sure you choose a soft bristle brush and a non-abrasive cleaner, attach the handle to your hose and clean away.
    • To avoid streaking, remember to work from the bottom of your home exterior on up.

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