2016 Exterior Color Palette of the Year

  • Now trending: bold contrasts and dramatic statements

    For Royal® Building Products, announcing a new exterior color palette makes our year. It’s the right contrasts that make things beautiful—and wonderfully curb appealing. This year’s palette is highlighted by bold Wedgewood, Shamrock and Ironstone blues and greens working together with warm Linen, Sand and Pebble Clay neutrals.

    Homeowners are gravitating to nature-inspired color schemes and harmonizing their interior and exterior worlds. These shared environments and design cues are precisely what inspired Royal’s 2016 Color Palette of the Year.

    Siding, trim, shutters and doors all play a colorful role in exterior design. And when it comes to getting involved in these kinds of decisions, homeowners want to play. As a manufacturing and design leader in exterior building products, we’re proud to be there to help.

    We hope you start to find the color ideas you seek here and, for even more inspiration, we encourage you to try our virtual design tool, HomePlay.