Snap-In Trim

Royal’s “Snap-In” Trim System is a pre-finished Interior Window Trim Program for both new construction and replacement applications. The product consists of a jamb extension & colonial casing in multiple sizes. This time and money saving solution gives the homeowner a trim that is color matched to the vinyl window with no finishing required (no need to putty/sand/paint).


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Snap-In Trim is the ideal money saving solution for replacement window trim installations:


  • Cellular Vinyl Material – won’t rot, split or crack
  • Snap-In System – no exposed fasteners
  • Color Matched Vinyl – blends in with window color
  • Finishing Options – can be made to look like painted wood
  • Bendable – can be adapted to architectural window shapes
  • No Finishing Required – the market’s most effective Trim Solution



Today, most new and replacement window applications commonly use a frame or jamb extension to the interior of the window to trim the opening to the depth of the wall. A casing is then applied to the extension to cover the unfinished drywall line behind the extension. Extensions are supplied in a variety of materials and installed onto the window by the window manufacturer. A trim carpenter then installs wood or MDF casing when the balance of the house is trimmed in new construction. In replacement applications, the installing contractor or dealer installs the casing that is sourced typically through building supply centres or specialty trim suppliers.
Snap-In TrimSystem Applications:


  • Royal's Snap-In Trim System addresses each of these issues and more by providing solutions that are:
  • Pre-finished and colour matched to the window or any custom colour requirement in a matt or low gloss finish
  • Extensions are trimmed to the required depth and delivered to the window manufacturer with a locating nib and 'bird's beak' for easy fastening to the window frame
  • Supplied in a variety of shapes and sizes to address many applications, in particular replacement work where casings have been designed slightly larger than standard to cover paint lines


  • Casing installs without fasteners eliminating nail and staple hole filling, sanding and finishing
  • Extensions and casings are supplied cut to size for the window by the window manufacturer eliminating the need for further outsourcing and the associated travel costs, all the installer does is glue the corners and snap the casing into the extension after the window is installed
  • The casing snap-in leg universally fits with our exclusive California shutter mount frame

The value that Snap-in Trim System provides can command a premium in the market place. However, when you consider the total cost for materials and labour including finishing, you will find that this is a better product offering at a cost competitive price.

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