RoyalBond Spectra-Coat

Window & door frames and other building materials coated with RoyalBond Spectra-Coat™ colorizing system gives customers more options and better color protection than ever before.



Contrast is always important – one exterior color paint for the window surround and the Royal Bond Clay Spectra coat makes for a more distinctive look in your home


Blending the old with the new- Classic white is used for the traditional cellular window surround with Royal Bond Spectra coat Sandstone as the window color

Features & Benefits

  • Over 25 popular color choices.
  • Safe, waterborne, environmentally friendly.
  • Proven durability in all weather conditions; no peeling, flaking or cracking.
  • Specifically formulated for adhesion to vinyl, for lasting color vibrancy.
  • Expanded color and gloss retention.
  • High abrasion and humidity resistance.
  • Designed to meet all international standard requirements.
  • Custom colors available on request.
Contact us to find out how you can incorporate RoyalBond Spectra Coat™ into your windows, doors or other building materials to color co-ordinate the exterior of homes. 


  • Blacks
    • KC Black
    • Plum Black
  • Dark Blues
    • Old World Blue
    • Wedgewood Blue
  • Dark Browns
    • Bronze
    • Copper
    • Universal Brown
  • Dark Green
    • Amazon Green
    • Backwood
    • Forest Green
  • Dark Grey
    • Sable
  • Dark Red
    • Burgandy
    • Cranberry
    • Tile Red
  • Neutrals
    • Buff
    • Clay
    • Grey
    • Sandalwood
    • Sandstone
    • Wicker
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